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PEACE CENTRAL/WELCOME CENTER • Peace Central has all current information regarding various ministries and events. It is manned before and after services by someone with a knowledge of what is going on in the church. • You may not place anything at Peace Central without permission from the Communications Department. If there is something you’d like to be placed there, or you need something designed, please complete a Communications Request form. MINISTRY TABLES • Tables can be set up in the back of the Worship Center as needed. Complete a Communications Request Form and the Communications Director will determine when and if your ministry will have a Ministry Table. • We will need to know what is at each table so that we can tell Facilities and the Welcome Center Hosts and make certain that brand/atmosphere consistency is kept. SLIDES Slides are the images on the screens in the Worship Center before and after service on Sundays and on the screens throughout our facility. The Communications Director decides which events need a slide for promotion. BATHROOM SIGNS Bathroom Signs are the flyers that are printed and inserted into the holders throughout the restrooms in the church. Selection for bathroom signs will be determined by the Communications Department. BANNERS Banners have stands and can be used in the Commons Area or in other places to help promote an event. These are generally reserved for large events or all-church campaigns. • Banners will be printed in-house and associated costs will be charged to your ministry’s budget. PRINTED MATERIALS There is a variety of other custom printed items that can be printed through the Communications Department (marketing/ promotional pieces, postcards, etc.). Please contact us to let us know what your request is, and we will work together to get whatever we can ready for you. Please plan ahead by submitting your request as soon as possible so that we have time to create beautiful work for you and have it printed at the lowest possible price. PHOTOS Only high quality or professional photos will be used on designed pieces. Some pointers for an appropriate photo would be images that are sharp and not blurry, clear and not grainy, not too dark, not have too busy of a background. Typically, photos from the Internet are not suitable for print. If you would like to line someone up to photograph your event, there are willing volunteers in the church that have professional equipment. The Communications Department also has access to a professional camera. WEB Peace Church’s website is a very large, important communication tool. The goal of the website is to be able to keep members and visitors informed, engaged, and invested in what’s going on at Peace Church. The information below will help give you a better understanding of the website, what it should accomplish, and what our values for it are. Effective communications harness the power of a message that brings our mission, vision, and values. Effective technology provides a seamless, integrated solution, giving people what they need when they need it. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION 10

Together, communications and technology fuel our website. An integral part of ministry operations, our website is one medium we use to accomplish the above. This section highlights some of the guiding principles we incorporate in our online strategy. • Let it flow. People shouldn’t notice process. If they do, it’s not working. We want to help people connect with Jesus, our church, and each other effortlessly—less scrolling & fewer clicks. • Reduce the noise. Keep it simple—really simple. Eliminate fluff and provide facts. The key goal is to simplify everything our audience sees or touches to make their lives easier, more rewarding, and provide the quickest path to the main thing. • Design from the outside in, not the inside out. Our website should be user-centric (guest focused), not organizationcentric. We will build pages to be most clear and helpful to the visitor; not organized around our internal organizational chart. • Our site will always be designed within the context of low-to-no maintenance. Automate whenever possible. If we can’t maintain it, we won’t implement it. However, all content needs to stay up to date constantly. • We won’t overpower because we can. Just because it’s cool doesn’t always mean we should do it. These are our general rules/guidelines for creating web content, which guides how we create for you the list of items below. WEB PAGE UPDATES This is the most basic form of web presence. Each ministry area has its own page on the Peace Church site. Please monitor it regularly (preferably monthly), and complete a Communications Request Form when content needs updating. We will use the guidelines above to keep content simple, readable, and not overwhelming. REGISTRATION If you have an event that you’d like people to be able to sign up for online, we can create an online registration form for you. Please give us all that information on your Communications Request Form. We’ll need to know what information you need to gather from people, who the results should be emailed to and any other page content. E-MAILS An e-mail/e-vite can be sent for a specific event. This is a form e-mail that can be sent to anyone from our database, from Peace Church. You can get more details from the Communications Director. All mass e-mails (e-mails to more than 50 people) must go through the Communications Department to ensure we are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. Also, we want to make sure that our e-mail domain is not applied to any SPAM blacklists. We want to make sure that your e-mail campaign is effective by reducing the overall number (quantity) of e-mails an attendee of Peace Church receives on a normal basis. Recurring e-mails (i.e. emails to Growth Group Leaders, etc.) should be initially approved by the Creative team and should be sent through Planning Center Online. SOCIAL MEDIA The Communications Department regularly utilizes Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to promote various ministry opportunities. Ministries should refrain from creating individual social media accounts and/or websites unless prior approval has been given by the Director of Communications. We want to maximize our social media reach by having a centralized strategy with one page that focuses on church-wide content, but also includes ministry content. There are a few exceptions to this policy, but they need to be approved prior to creating the account. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION 11