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PRESENTATIONS PowerPoint (or Keynote for Macs) presentations can a great tool that you can use for your ministry events. These tools can enhance or distract from your presentation. The following are some guidelines to help you in creating slides. They can help you avoid common pitfalls in slide design and increase the effectiveness of your presentation. CONTENT • Use statements instead of sentences. Use active, visual language. • Keep it short. Use key words to help the audience focus on your message. • Too many words on a slide will tune people out quickly and will force you to read the slide as you’re presenting. Each slide should present one idea and no more than eight words per line. GRAPHICS • Art should enhance and clarify your message, not just be flashy for the sake of “looking cool.” The Communications Director can create graphically strong slides or images for you if requested. Please complete a Communications Request Form. • High-resolution bit-mapped (file extension .bmp) images will slow down the transition from one slide to another. JPEGs (.jpg) or PNGs (.png) at 72 dpi are best. Talk to the Communications Director if you have any questions about images. FONTS • Type for slides should be at least 36 to 40 points, while bulleted text should be no smaller than 24 points. The key reason type size often winds up being too small is because there’s too much of it on one slide. • Don’t use more than two different fonts in your presentation. • Sans serif fonts (e.g., Arial , Calibri, or Helvetica) provide the best on-screen legibility. COLORS • Let the information be the important point of every show, rather than an expression of jazzy colors. • Use a color format that gives good contrast between background and text. Dark backgrounds with light-colored text work best. • Text drop shadows or outlines should be black or a darker value of the background color. Pay attention to shadow colors. It makes the legibility poor if not done properly. See the Communications Department if you have questions. PRESENTATION • Preview your presentation on the equipment you will be using for the meeting or event. • Do not “read along” to your audience. Speak about each slide while looking at those in front of you. You should be the focus, not the screen. • Keep visual transitions and sounds to a minimum, unless they directly contribute something to your presentation. You do not want your audience to be over-stimulated or miss the point you are trying to make. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION 12

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION External Communications are what we do to market Peace Church events or ministries outside of the church, such as newspapers, online ads, billboards, theater ads, and more. ADS Ads can be a great way to get the word out about your ministry event. Read below for details and options for advertising. FACEBOOK Facebook is a great way to advertise because you will get a lot of impressions (the number of times your ad pops up when someone is viewing Facebook) for a very low price. Facebook ads are a great deal, and you can set your price, target audience, and timeline very specifically. Talk to the Communications Department for more details. NEWSPAPER Our local newspapers are another way to advertise. You can advertise in the Sun & News, Reminder or The Banner. Newspaper ads are pricey, but can still be effective. OTHER (BILLBOARDS, THEATER, ETC.) Christmas, Easter, and other large church-wide events could include a variety of other advertising avenues including billboards, theater ads, etc. These are the only events that will require such marketing measures. PRESS RELEASES Press releases are short write-ups that we give to the local newspaper to inform them of an upcoming event. These are posted in the newspaper weekly. Sometimes from this information, they are interested in doing a story on the event or ministry. See the Communications Department if you’d like us to write a press release or edit/approve one written by the ministry leader. The Sun & News and The Reminder requests are due the Monday before the Saturday they are run and The Banner releases are due the Monday before the Thursday they are run, so please plan accordingly. POSTERS AROUND TOWN You can promote your event by talking to the Communications Department about placing posters in local businesses in Middleville & Caledonia. Posters must be designed by the Communications Department, so please complete a Communications Request Form. EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION 13