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MAILED PIECES Occasionally, Peace Church will send out direct mailings. If you’d like something to be created and mailed to a large group of people, whether within Peace Church or the Middleville/Caledonia area, we can set up a special mailing for you. We have a few options for what types of pieces can be mailed and how they are mailed. POSTCARD/MAILER We can create postcards or mailers in any size, folding, etc. to promote your ministry. We can send them to a specific/ targeted group in Peace Church, or to the whole church. Talk to the Communications Director for more details and examples. Depending on size and shape, they can take up to two weeks to be printed and shipped to us for the cheapest price. Then they can take up to another week to be mailed. So please plan accordingly and give us at least six weeks’ notice to get them done for you. BULK MAILINGS A bulk mailing consists of 200 or more pieces (each piece must be exactly the same) to be mailed. The benefit of sending mail as a bulk mailing, rather than first-class mail, is that you get a large discount in mailing cost. To set up a bulk mailing, talk to the Communications Department. We will help you get your list ready and print labels for you. We have volunteers who enjoy coming in to help label mailed items (and seal if needed). You are responsible for calling volunteers and taking your mailing to the Post Office. INVITE CARDS Invite cards are generally for sermon series, holiday events or other all-church events. They can also be used for large ministry events. Please complete a Communications Request Form. EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION 14

GRAPHIC STANDARDS These graphic standards are available to help each ministry when they need to use Peace Church’s logo, design something, or what fonts you should use when putting together a print piece. To have consistency and quality in all that we produce, if what you need created is going to more than 30 people, talk to the Communications Department to create a design plan. The Communications Department will not be able to create every graphic that each ministry needs, but will, at the least, provide feedback, suggestions, and final approval. Thanks for your assistance in keeping these standards! PUBLISHER Publisher is a great tool for those who don’t have the fancy programs the Communications Director has. Again, if you need more than 30 copies of something, come to the Communications Department to have us design it or provide resources. But Publisher can be used in some great ways to help you get your work done. All projects created by you/ministry leaders must still be reviewed and edited by the Communications Department before being distributed. TEMPLATES Publisher provides templates for you for postcards, letters, name tags, or other print pieces. If it’s something that you use on a regular basis and periodically change a small amount of information, adjust accordingly. TIPS Here are a few tips for creating things in Publisher to help you work more efficiently and to follow the graphic standards of Peace Church. • Margins: When creating your document, most of the default margins in Publisher are much too big. Once your document is open, go to File>Page Setup, and change your margin guides to .25”. This is the limit of the printer, so that’s as far to the edge that you can print. • Clip art: There actually is a lot of decent “clip art” and images you can find within Word and Publisher. When going to insert a picture or art, if you click on “Clip art on Office Online” at the bottom of the box, you can search for any number of images or icons. Please use professional looking photographs and images when creating. • Fonts: Don’t use more than two fonts in your design. This keeps it clear and professional. • Images & Logos: Never drag from an edge to resize a picture. Always drag from the corner. This makes sure that you don’t stretch or squish it. • Keyboard shortcuts: There are a number of shortcuts you can use to make working in Publisher easier. • Shift: Holding shift while selecting objects will allow you to select multiple objects at a time. Holding shift when moving an object will move it in line either vertically or horizontally. • Control: Holding control while moving an object will make a copy once you let go of the mouse. This works well for creating name tags or other objects that you need multiples of on one page. Holding control when resizing an object will resize it from the center. • Grouping: Grouping objects together will help you move them around. Just go to Arrange>Group. • Rounded corners: To get rounded corners on an image, you need to create a rounded corner box and give it a white outline. Then place it over your image and make the outline as thick as it needs to be to cover the corners of your image. (We wish there was a better way to do this!) GRAPHIC STANDARDS 15