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• PEACE CHURCH’S LOGO GUIDELINES This section explains policies and guidelines for the use of our identity (logo) and provides information for the preparation of various types of printed materials used by the church. To ensure effective usage of the Peace Church identity, these guidelines must be followed. If Peace Church’s logo is printed on anything that more than 30 people will see, the Communications Director must review it & approve. The official Peace Church logo consists of two components shown below; the words ‘Peace Church’ and the accompanying “cross circle” logo mark (referred to as the mark). They must both be reproduced from authorized original reproduction-ready art and cannot be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any way without prior approval from the Communications Director. Approved, high resolution, and production-ready versions of our logo can be found on our local network in the following folder path; Share_peacesvr/Peace Church Graphics/Logos. Both the logotype and mark must not be reproduced. Only the Director of Communications can determine in which cases it is permissible and/or appropriate to use the logotype without the accompanying graphic mark or the mark without the accompanying logotype. LOGO USAGE Logos are located on the Peace Church’s shared drive. General church logos are in the Church Logos folder. Ministry logos are in separate folders with your ministry name on them (some are under over-arching ministries). Only the Communications Department has the original logos that are approved to be used. The logo cannot be redrawn, re-proportioned (stretched or squeezed) or modified in any way. If you need the logo in another color, the Communications Director can create one for you. RESPECTING THE SAFE AREA When using the logo on a printed piece, or for web, you must keep a safe area around the logo that is equal to the “meanline.” In Typography, the meanline is is half the distance from the baseline to the cap height. SAFE AREA LOGO MARK LOGO TYPE The address/contact information is the only thing allowed to come within the safe area of the logo. GRAPHIC STANDARDS 16

EVENT & MINISTRY LOGOS All logos must be created by the Communications Director, unless you are using a logo from an outside ministry or company. Please fill out a Communications Request Form if there is a ministry of the church that is requesting a logo to be created. If you need a graphic for your event, the Communications Director can create one for you. Please fill out a Communications Request Form. FONTS Peace Church’s standard font (font family) for printed materials is Gotham. However, you’re welcome to use other fonts if you’d like for headers and design elements. Please approve them with the Communications Department. Our standard font, along with some other acceptable fonts are located on the Peace Church Shared Drive. GRAPHIC STANDARDS 17