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IN-HOUSE PRINTING With printing in-house, the Communications Department can create PDFs to email to you so that you can print as many copies of your piece as needed. This gives you freedom, but there are a lot of print settings and options involved with the copy machines/printers in the office. This section is to help you with printing in-house. DOCUMENTS Anything that you need to send out to more than 30 people should be created or approved by the Communications Director. Otherwise, we can print in-house for you. You will receive your document in PDF format. If your piece has two sides (front and back), the second page of your PDF is the back side of your piece. So remember to scroll down to look for that second page! PRINTING When you’re ready to print, follow these steps: 1. Go to File>Print. 2. Under Printer>Name, select the correct printer. This may depend on what size and type of paper you’re using. You may need to load a special paper, like colored card stock, or colored copy paper. If you need to do so, please change the paper setting on the copy machine as well as from your computer when you’re printing. 3. Click Properties. Under basic, select portrait or landscape. 4. Under Basic, Select the paper size under Original Size. Don’t worry about paper size. If it says, “Same as original size” that will work. 5. Under Paper Tray, select the appropriate tray, depending on what you’re printing. Then click the Paper Settings for Each Tray button and make sure the paper is selected correctly. 6. If you need to print 2-sided, click the Layout tab. Select 2-sided under Print Type. Then select Right Bind or Left Bind (they work the same way). Make sure nothing else in this tab is checked. 7. In the Quality tab, under Select Color, choose Gray Scale if you’re only printing in black and white. If you’re printing in color, you can leave it on Auto Color. 8. Click OK. Now you’re back in the main dialogue box. Here you can choose how many copies you’d like to print. You may want to just print one copy first, just to test it to make sure all your settings are correct. 9. Under Page Scaling, select None. Make sure Auto-Rotate and Center and Choose Paper Source by PDF page size are unchecked. 10. If you need to print a booklet that gets folded & stapled, see the Communications Department for help. If you’re having any issues, please feel free to talk to us to get help with your printing. Please remember to put away your unused paper and reset any trays to their default settings. Do not leave paper in the Manual Feed Tray for the Office to clean up. IN-HOUSE PRINTING 30

CANCELLATIONS/WEATHER CANCELLATIONS Our team will constantly monitor threatening weather before and during events. Cancellations will be announced with the media. In the event of inclement weather, all weekday morning activities (from opening to 4 p.m.) at Peace Church will automatically be cancelled if Thornapple Kellogg (Middleville) or Caledonia Public Schools close because of weatherrelated conditions. The cancellation team will make the call to cancel afternoon, evening, and weekend activities by 2 PM, again following the lead of the local school districts evening activities. If there is a travel advisory, all scheduled events will be allowed to take place. The cancellation team will be responsible for monitoring or changing conditions. If there is a Barry/Kent County or a Michigan State Police Travel Ban, all scheduled events will be cancelled. Sunday services will only be cancelled under extreme and unusual conditions (such as tornado warning or travel ban because of a blizzard). It is imperative that each attendee evaluate if travel is safe for his or her own situation. You may check the following media for cancellations: • Call us at 616.891.8119 • Radio: WJQ (99.3 FM), WCSG (91.3 FM) • TV: WOODTV (8), WOTV (4), WMMT (3) & WZZM (13) CANCELLATIONS/WEATHER 31