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PRIORITIES & VALUES Peace Church has communication values that drive the reasoning behind why and how we do what we do. We hope that by listing them here, you will better understand the reasons behind how our branding and communication plans work. PEACE CHURCH’S COMMUNICATIONS WILL: • Be driven from the outside in. That is, there will always be a heavy emphasis on communicating to our community, first time guests, and the like. • Always utilize a language, style, and method that is visible and understandable to our guests. • Filter the needs of our ministries through the needs of our guests first. • Be simple and clear, eliminating unnecessary fluff or complicated content (too much information can be just as dangerous as not enough). • Be designed to reduce the noise in people’s lives and eliminate competition between ministries. • Deliver excellence in timeliness, accuracy, design, layout, and ease of use. • Be appropriate based on ministry priorities (see Communication Priority Chart). • Capitalize on our strengths. Most people will connect with Peace Church for the first time through a Sunday worship service. Therefore, most of our communication resources are expended on the weekend worship experience, inviting people to those services, and then helping them take their next steps beyond Sunday morning. • Be sustainable. We won’t launch a deliverable (newsletter, email, website, etc.) if we don’t have the systems and personnel to maintain it with excellence. THE BASICS • Always include the Peace Church logo on every public piece. See the Graphic Standards section for more information about logos and how they are used. • Every piece should cover the most important question an audience asks: “Why should this matter to me?” Then, it should follow up with the necessary basics of who, what, where, when, why, and how (call to action). • Each communication piece that is produced by Peace Church will be evaluated using the communications priority system. The Communications Director will determine which priority level each request falls under and produce the appropriate communications pieces based on that categorization. PRIORITIES & VALUES 6

COMMUNICATION PRIORITY CHART BIG AUDIENCE BIG DEAL BOX 1 UTILIZED DURING SUNDAY SERVICES/PIECES THAT ACCOMPANY THE PRIMARY MESSAGE: • Most (but not all) message series • All-church events (Easter, Christmas, etc.) • Campaigns (Embrace, W1S1) SMALLER DEAL BOX 2 PIECES RELEVANT TO ENTIRE CHURCH & VISIBLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC: • Medium-Church events (Carols & Candlelight, Sunday Night Supper) • Special Services (Thanksgiving Eve, Good Friday, etc.) SMALLER AUDIENCE BOX 3 MINISTRY EVENTS TARGETING A PORTION OF THE CHURCH: • Classes (Membership, Faith Formation, HS Spring Break) • Events (Marriage Retreat, Men’s/ Women’s/Student Events) • Serving opportunities (Child Protection Class) BOX 4 SPECIALIZED CONTENT FOR A SMALLER POPULATION • Team trainings (Hospitality Training, Worship Huddle) • Events or serving opportunities specific to a particular group (Grief Share Holiday event, Friends at Peace volunteer recruitment, Top of the Liners lunch outing) CHANNELS: ONE: TWO: THREE: FOUR: • PRINTS Q Q Q Q • BULLETIN Q Q Q Q • E-MAIL Q • MIN. UPDATES Q Q • PROMO VIDEO Q Q • MINISTRY TABLE Q • SOCIAL MEDIA Q Q Q Q • PEACE CENTRAL Q Q Q • WEBSITE Q Q Q Q • SLIDES Q Q Q • EXTERNAL Q Q • E-NEWSLETTER Q Q Q Q