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INTERNAL COMMUNICATION We have a lot of things happening at Peace Church. To get the word out and ensure we’re providing the best experience for our guests, we want to do our best to work together as a team with each ministry! That said, we appreciate that ministries follow the given guidelines and timelines to ensure we can deliver quality communications in a timely manner. Below are the steps each ministry should take when requesting work from the Communications Department. EVENTS CALENDAR Our main calendar is a great tool for all ministries to use to get their information online. Our Website Calendar links to our website in real time, so if you make a change to a calendar event, it will be updated within a few minutes. Each ministry and staff person is responsible for keeping calenders updated and current unless otherwise noted/ planned. If you do not have access to the Staff or Website calendars, connect with the office to schedule events on the appropriate calendars. Here are a few guidelines for how to use the calendar: • Please make sure you select the correct calendar (Website, Staff, Personal, etc.) If you leave it at the default, it will appear on your personal calendar, which does not link to the website. • For one-time events: Name your event and choose the calendar, then choose the date. If it has a start and end time, uncheck “all-day event” and enter the correct times. If applicable, enter the place and any necessary details. • For repeating events: Enter the information above, but check the repeat button, and select the days and times it repeats or the end date. • For multiple events: Enter the information above, and then choose a start and end day. This will make your event show up in a bar across multiple days. If your event is multiple days, but does not include overnight, then please enter it as separate days with the correct start and end times. • Do not use all caps. This makes it seem like you’re yelling. • Please see the Communications Director if you need any help using the calendar, if you need access to any calendars, or if you’ve forgotten your username and/or password. NOTE: These processes may change as our apps and services provider changes in coming months. This document will be updated to reflect those changes. COMMUNICATION REQUEST FORM Communication Request Forms are helpful for the Communications Director because they help keep things organized. By filling out this form, you will ensure that your communications request/project gets added to the to-do list and that it gets done in a timely fashion. Please read below for more details. Each communication piece that is produced by Peace Church will be evaluated using the communications priority system. The Communications Director will determine which priority level each request falls under and produce the appropriate communication pieces based on that categorization. FILLING OUT A FORM Communication Request Forms are available online at Please fill out the form to the best of your ability so we have the most information possible. If you’d like, you may set up a meeting so we can fill out the form together and go over details as we go. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION 8

DEADLINES We must have Communication Request Forms at least four weeks before you’d like your project to be finished. (Please see printing bullet below for more information on how long printing takes and where certain things get printed.) Please note that if a piece has to be ordered out-of-house, a Communication Request Form will need to be submitted at least six weeks prior. EDITING Once the Communications Department gets the initial proof, you may look over/edit it. Please make sure that you have all your information together before giving it to us to minimize the editing process. PRINTING If you are requesting a printed piece, depending on how many copies you’d like printed, the Communications Director will decide how your piece will be printed. Depending on the quantity & quality of the prints, the Communications Director will determine if the printing will be done in-house or outsourced. • IN-HOUSE: Typically, if you are printing 200 or fewer copies, we will print in-house. This means you don’t have extra print time, so you can submit your request four weeks in advance. The Communications Director will either print the pieces or send you a printable PDF so you can print the copies you need. Please see the printing section of this manual for more information on how to print in-house. • OUTSOURCE: If you need more than 200 copies or a different quality of print, the Communications Director will send your project to a professional printer (this cost will be taken from your budget). This can take up to two extra weeks, which means you’ll need to submit your project request at least six weeks before you need your printed piece to avoid rush/expedited shipping costs. Now that you know how to submit a request for a specific project or event, please read the rest of this section to learn about the many avenues we have for communicating important information to those who visit and attend Peace Church. INTERNAL PROMOTIONS There are a few opportunities for you to promote your ministry or event. All communications must be approved. Read below for what they are and the guidelines for each one. THE BULLETIN The Bulletin is a publication that we provide at every Sunday morning service that includes a condensed list of announcements (eight max). The Bulletin’s chief goal is to enhance and aid our Sunday worship experience, which includes not overwhelming guests with every single thing we have going on at Peace Church. We do not run personal announcements or outside ministries’ announcements (unless specifically sponsored by/partnered with Peace Church). Part of choosing announcements is based on which items apply to the broadest group of people. The Communications Department will determine which weeks and the total number of times announcements will be ran. Announcement requests should be submitted by the end of the day on Tuesday (advance notice is appreciated). If you’d like an announcement in the Bulletin that we are not already aware of, (Website Calendar, reoccurring events, Communication Request Form, etc.) submit announcements to us at MINISTRY UPDATES Ministry Updates are announcements given on Sunday mornings from stage or through video. We try to keep Ministry Updates to a maximum of three announcements per week, so to overwhelm people with too much information at one time. Please refer to the Communications Priority System for a better idea of what kind of announcements will take precedence for Ministry Updates and how the Communications Department determines the priority level. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION 9