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White Cloud Sojourns

White Cloud Sojourns Dear Friend, you are invited to help with the review of a new, two day, breath meditation course: Compassionate Breath Meditations for Ending Suffering As the End of Life Nears June 29-July 1, 2018 14 Pratt Rd, Alstead, NH (my home) It is my hope that your participation in this weekend focus group and course review will help the work to evolve and ultimately flow out into the world to relieve suffering for many. Like many of us, over a lifetime, I have been exploring consciousness, as well as practicing, meditation, breath work and how our breath relates to our living and dying. My explorations have led me from the Quaker meditations on inner light, to yoga to Transcendental Meditation and somatic Breathwork facilitation, and on to the esoteric yogas (Six Yogas of Naropa) found in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Several years ago, for a number of years, I presented a short, one hour, and then two hour, free course “Your Last Breath,” as a beginning attempt to find a simple means of allowing people to ease the breathing of those caring for the dying, and the dying themselves. The results of that exploration, after much study, practice and reflection, have led me to this expanded work and I would like your help in making this available for others. My goal is to create a body of work that is accessible to anyone, so that upon leaving such a workshop they will possess simple techniques to relieve stress and suffering for their own use as well as to help others. The hope is to begin offering the workshops to the public in September of this year. The weekend will be co-led by my breath facilitator colleague, Elizabeth Allen, who brings added wisdom to this effort. We would love to have you come and join about 6 or 7 others in my home, for this weekend, to assist by experiencing the teachings and then providing us feedback through forms and discussions. We’re inviting real life seekers from many paths for this focus group weekend. Elizabeth and I really believe your lived-life experience makes you an excellent potential participant. I’m suggesting a donation of $60.00 to cover costs for this weekend: Refreshments, two lunches and the printing and production of a seventy page study guide that you will be able to take with you. (While appreciated, a donation is not required to attend.) Please let us know by May 1, 2018 if you are interested in attending, and, please feel free to write or call if you have questions. If you are interested, we’ll send you a draft agenda and logistical details for the weekend. E Ma Ho! (Tib. How Wonderful!) Peter Hendrick Jurmed White Cloud Sojourns 14 Pratt Rd, Alstead, NH 03602 603-760-8362

White Cloud Sojourns Compassionate Breath Meditations for Ending Suffering As the End of Life Nears Short Course Synopsis Friday Evening: 3 Hours Saturday: 8 Hours Sunday: 8 Hours Our ultimate goal is to create an open sourced, mindful community of care by utilizing simple breath meditations to relieve suffering. This will be course is for caregivers, healers, clergy and chaplains, doulas, family members and, not the least, anyone who is dying. It will be practicum consisting of an evening and two days (18 hours) of a hands-on, intensive in active breath meditations. These are techniques that may provide comfort, compassion and increased awareness at the end of life. They are based on Tibetan Buddhism and other forms of yoga as well modern “breath-work” theory which I studied, receiving certification as a facilitator of conscious connected breathing(2005). The course may be spiritually aligned with meditation and prayer and compassion teachings found in all major religious traditions. It also seems true to me that any human who acts with compassion is spiritual. This course is suitable for those over 16 (with written, parental permission under 18), and it’s also suitable for anyone approaching the end of life or who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. If someone can breathe, if they can find compassion, they can learn the following and use it to relieve suffering upon leaving here. • Methods and theories of breathing patterns that are tied to everyone’s physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. • Tibetan breath meditations that are based on compassion • Modern relaxation and breath awareness techniques Upon leaving the workshop, an attendee may assist, using discernment, in caring for the dying (or, for their own use), to help relieve the suffering of the whole person. Some of the breath meditations that relieve stress for both caregiver and the dying will include: • Breath of Joy • Smile Breath • Loving Kindness Meditation • Tonglen (Receiving and Sending) • Tonglen with Toning Breath (“The Long Vowel “A” Breath.” • Intimate Connection – Sitting and Observing the Breath • Other simple breath meditation techniques To allow for meaningful presence at the end of life by relaxing body and spirit. These techniques may be done actively, in partnership with the dying; while some of the meditations may also be done passively, by the caregiver, without intruding on the dying person or their family or caregivers. 14 Pratt Rd, Alstead, NH 03602 603-760-8362

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