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White Cloud Sojourns a.

White Cloud Sojourns a. with brief practice session either before or after lunch Lunch: 75 minutes – to 1:15 Day Two – Afternoon E. Regroup - Breath of Angels or Smile Breathing Exercise (5 mins) or Tonglen for 30 minutes if not before lunch. 9) Group Circle Check in - Feedback on Receiving and Sending 40 minutes 10) The Goal of Breath Meditations (10 minutes) 11) Suffering Breath Patterns Discussion and More on Hyperventilation (15 minutes) 12) Active Sending and Receiving – The “Long Vowel Toning” Breath 30 minutes a) Benefits b) Demonstration F. Tonglen Simple form: Ten Smile Breath Teaching & Practice (20 minutes) i. Target Total time: 90 minutes: 2:45 PM Break (15 minutes - ends at 3:00 PM) G. Guided Tonglen Practice (Receiving and Sending) (40 minutes) 13) Active Toning Further Explained H. Active Demonstrations/Practice of Breath of Compassion/Toning “Ah” (30 minutes) 14) Stages of Dying 14 Pratt Rd, Alstead, NH 03602 603-760-8362

Day Three – Morning 8:30 AM I. Breath Exercise (5 mins) White Cloud Sojourns 15) Circle Check In and What we will cover today (40 minutes) 16) Dialogues on Compassionate Breath/When Passive and Not To Use (45 minutes) J. Active Smile and or Eye Breathing Practice (30 minutes) Break 15 Minutes K. Tonglen) and Toning Breath Practice (2 hours) a. Active Compassion and Toning Visualizations b. Passive Toning and Compassion Lunch (90 Minutes) 1:30 Start Day Three - Afternoon G. Loving Kindness Guided Mediation (30 minutes 17) Discussion: On Active Toning Method (45 minutes) Break (Ends at 3:00 PM) 18) Review (40 minutes) hour) a. Compassionate Breath Meditations – How to Use. b. Review of 7 Easy to Use Breath Meditations c. Reminder of Cheyne-Stokes Breath Pattern – Non-interference K. 10 minutes – Breath Visualization Exercise: Dissolving into the Light 19) Upon Last Breath – Continue Meditation – Remain Calm Compassion (20 minutes) 20) Questions and Answers (40 minutes) Distribute Feedback forms/Books/Certificates of Participation. H. Closing Circle (15 minutes) END AT 5:15 PM 14 Pratt Rd, Alstead, NH 03602 603-760-8362

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