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How to fix Blue screen error in windows 10(1)

How to fix Blue screen error in windows

How to fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Errors? Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft windows. It is one of the most secure and advanced version of windows operation system, but it also has some limitation and issues so sometimes you have to face some problems or errors, in particular blue screen errors. A Blue screen error commonly known as stop error or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), It is an error screen displayed on a Windows computer system after a fatal system error or a system crash, when the operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely. This is among the many common issues of windows, which is faced by large number of windows users. Causes of Blue Screen Error Blue screen errors are generally caused by the problems with computer’s hardware or hardware driver software. Sometimes, it can be caused by issues with bad software or corrupted software’s running in the Windows kernel. You can also get the error when you try to install some incompatible software or hardware. So here we will talk about how to resolve Blue screen error and give you technical support for windows 10. How to resolve Blue screen error? 1. System Restore- If you have faced this error recently then use the system restore option, this will take your system back to its previous state in which your operating system was working absolutely ok. If it works, you will know that it was likely a software error or issue. 2. Check for Hardware Problems- Check all your cables, card and other hardware components are plugged and connected very well. If one of them are not connected with your computer then you might get this error. One of the most common issues of BSOD is overheating, so keep testing your system’s temperature. 3. Update your system Drivers- A driver is a software that allow your system to communicate with it’s hardware’s. So your drivers should always be updated and an incorrectly installed or corrupted driver is always a reason of BSOD. To ignore this problem always download latest drivers for your system. 4. Scanning for Viruses & Malware– Getting virus into the system is also one of the reasons behind Blue screen error. Virus will dig into your system and corrupt your software’s and drivers. To solve the issues use anti-virus programs in your system. 5. Free System space- If your system don’t have more than 20% free space then it may cause the blue screen error into your windows 10. Low space is always be one of the results of low memory.Boot in Safe Mode- Try to boot your system in safe mode, it can help you to rectify the reason of BSOD. In safe mode windows 10 will only load essential drivers and software’s so if the recently installed is causing the Blue screen error then you could identify it.

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