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Microsoft PowerPoint - 100 Page Rancocas Creek Water Trail Guide (NXPowerLite)

Apologies, Corrections

Apologies, Corrections and Additions If your name is not included in this guide I do apologize. We who enjoy the Rancocas Creek seek the common ground approach among the multi- users of the RCWT. This is the thought process that more is accomplished but giving credit to the RCWT than to an individual. A special thanks to the steering committee, local historical society’s, environmental committees, municipalities and recreation committees. Peter Fritz of Delanco, Margo Pelligrino from Medford, Larry Tigar of the Mt. Holly Historical Society though gets a “Tip of the Hat” thanks for introducing me to the wet, wild and wonderful aspects of the Rancocas Creek in Mt. Holly and throughout the Rancocas Creek Watershed. Zap Back any suggestions, comments or concerns R ancocas Pathways Exploring Historic Pathways, Discovering New Understandings

Mt. Holly Monroe Street Park Rancocas State Park Pine Swamp Run Valley of the Rancocas Creek Exploring Exploring Historic Historic Pathways, Discovering New New Understandings Rancocas Pathways

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