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Microsoft PowerPoint - 100 Page Rancocas Creek Water Trail Guide (NXPowerLite)

Seasonal Paddling Risks

Seasonal Paddling Risks Weather The Rancocas Creek watershed has a basically temperate climate for paddling. Exemplary times to paddle are in the Spring and Fall months. Late August water levels in the Pine Barrens drop making paddling a slog across low water. Freshest and thunder storms are encountered in mid to late Summer. Ice freezes the Creek during periods of time in the winter. Summer brings hot and humid conditions. Take time to cool off and avoiding heat related medical issues. Winter paddling a beast of different extremes. Winter paddling is enjoyable. Paddle Safe. Outfit ones yak for winter paddling. Wear a PFD, follow a float plan, never paddle alone. Paddling. Always wear layers. Bring dry clothes. Contact Pathways for specifics of Winter R ancocas Pathways Exploring Historic Pathways, Discovering New Understandings

Incoming Tide Lead in2 2018 Ice Bound Rancocas State Park Bluewater Trail 411 Rancocas Creek - Melpine Landing

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