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Internship BY DAVID

Internship BY DAVID SAAR, DIRECTED BY COLIN WATERS The Yellow Boat is presented through special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing Inc. Gordon Wilson Lab Theatre October 13th at 4 p.m. October 14th and 15th at 3 p.m. While interning at Western Kentucky University’s Marketing and Communications office I was assigned a range of projects all involving events and announcements for WKU. One of my favorite projects was for the WKU Arabic club, recognizing the members and their reasons for joining. Another one of my favorites was my flyer for, “The Yellow Boat.” A play about an artistic boy who is faced with an illness but continues to create and inspire. I had a lot of fun playing around with the illustrations and reading the plays for all of the theatre department. Exploring other peoples creativity and being able to capture it in a design is a great feeling. They had certain requests and I enjoyed illustrating them and making them come to life. 11 Theatre & Dance Western Kentucky University is an equal opportunity institution of higher education and upon request provides reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities. © 2017 Western Kentucky University. Printing paid from state funds, KRS 57.375. $5 Admission Order your tickets online: Fine Arts Box Office: 270.745.3121 Monday through Friday, Noon - 4:00p.m.

12 I am Arabic Jonathon Wurth ‘15 Arabic and Anthropology Refugee Case Manager Community Action of Southern Kentucky I am Arabic Kent Johnson ‘16 Arabic, International Relations, Political Science Masters Student in Organizational Leadership WKU Veterans’ Assistance Office U. S. Marine Corps 2004-2008 I am Arabic Kelsey Hatcher ’18 Arabic and Dance Major I am Jonathon Wurth earned his B.A. in Arabic and Anthropology in 2015. He participated in an archaeological dig in Jordan, through the University of California, Berkeley in the summer of 2013. Jonathon wrote the first Arabic Honors thesis, a graphic novel on Palestinian political cartoons. Jonathon now serves Bowling Green’s refugee population as a refugee case manager with Community Action of Southern Kentucky. Modern Languages ARABIC I graduated from WKU in 2016 and am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and I also work at WKU helping my fellow veterans and military students pursue their educational goals. I am very thankful to WKU for helping me fulfil my dream of going to college and learning the Arabic language. Many people I have talked to assume that Arabic is too hard to learn, but from my experience, it was not as difficult as many think. WKU has a quality Arabic program and excellent Arabic professors, who make learning the language fun and who inspire you that you too can learn Arabic! When I joined the Marines in 2004 I had no intention of going to college. When I was in Iraq, I can remember seeing the school children walking down dangerous roads, going to and from school every day. It was from seeing those children brave danger to go to school that I grew determined to go to college when I got back. I was so glad when I learned that WKU offered a degree in Arabic. When I was deployed, none of us knew Arabic, and I told myself that someday I would learn it. Modern Languages ARABIC I have been a dance instructor for the past seven years and I love that I have the opportunity to share my love for dance with children. I hope to incorporate my studies of the Arabic language into my dance profession. Eventually, I would love to be able to teach Ballet in the Middle East in Arabic, as well as to preserve Arab cultural dances and traditions. I believe that there are not enough opportunities for women and girls around the world to be exposed to Ballet, especially in highly conservative areas. Additionally, I aim to work with Arabic-speaking refugees in the United States to help preserve their cultural traditions and to offer them an option for personal creative expression through dance. There is something so incredibly beautiful about being able to express a message effectively in an individual’s native language, not only due to the impact that it has on the individual, but society itself. With Arabic & Dance, my two great loves, I hope to help people abroad and in the U.S. connect and communicate through dance. Modern Languages ARABIC Arabic Noah Stevens ‘18 Arabic, International Affairs Outstanding Senior, International Affairs U.S. State Department Foreign Service Intern When looking for colleges, I did not intend to study Arabic. Soon after I discovered the Honors College, I was introduced to the Arabic Program at WKU. After speaking with students in the program and reviewing the curriculum, it was clear that the Arabic major program here was the truest embodiment of the “Leading American University with International Reach” motto. Noah was one of only 34 students in the country chosen as a Foreign Service intern. He served in the Political-Military Affairs Bureau in 2017 and will work in an embassy in the Middle East in 2018. The Arabic program at WKU has allowed me to supplement my interests in the Middle East with practical language skills as well as study abroad and I have fallen in love with the language and culture along the way! I look forward to putting my Arabic to use and then further developing my language skills during a graduate program in Global Policy and International Security. Modern Languages ARABIC