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1 Everyday Items For

1 Everyday Items For this illustration project we were randomly assigned a country and were to choose two everyday items in that country. My country was Kenya. I wanted to really grasp the culture and beauty in this country which is why I chose this woman as my focus. I also wanted to include the wildlife so I chose elephants because there is a large elephant population is Kenya. I wanted to do a realistic reputation of each object and digitally drew each shape, shade, bead and layer for this illustration to be as accurate as I could.

2 Logo Design This was a class assignment where we were too design a logo for a student group at Warren County Technology Center. They participate in state wide competitions where they build and race the racecars they have customized themselves. We were to deisgn the logo for the upcoming race. They work hard to create cars that are bold, fast, and powerful and thats exactly what I tried to reflect in my design.