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Issue No. 6,

Issue No. 6, February 7, 2018 FEATURES 54 Willem Dafoe: Triumph of a Hollywood Nomad Despite a hundred credits and three Oscar nominations — the most recent for The Florida Project — the actor remains a shape-shifting enigma who eschews fame and comfort: “I remember my life by my movies.” 60 Back to Basics in Berlin With Netflix and Amazon lying low in Sundance, this year’s European Film Market may continue a return to more traditional sales models — and dealmakers couldn’t be happier. 64 The Doomed Bromance of Lenny and Charlie He’s a burnout major leaguer and an ex-con, but that didn’t prepare Lenny Dykstra for his friendship with Charlie Sheen, a man he alleges is a dangerous criminal about to be taken down by the Feds. 70 ‘Simplistic but Complicated’ Animated feature Oscar contenders introduced audiences to female characters who could tame a bull and handle a bossy, suit-wearing infant. 54 “I never thought acting could be a profession,” says Dafoe, photographed Feb. 2 at Siren Studios Orange in Los Angeles. He looks back at some of his iconic roles (and the time he played Marilyn Monroe in a Super Bowl commercial) at Ralph Lauren sweater, Dolce & Gabbana pants, Jimmy Choo sneakers. Photographed here and for the cover by Martha Galvan 2


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