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hurt me ever again fuk tv fuk media fuk the public fuk cutting deals fuk getting rolled I own my truth forever adios senior….. x” D ykstra appears most solemn when discussing the summer 2012 death of Rick Calamaro, Sheen’s recently fired assistant, as well as the alleged violence perpetrated against Sheen’s ex-fiancee, Scottine “Brett” Rossi. L.A. native Calamaro — known for his years as the phone-glued-to-his-ear partner at A-list velvet rope clubs like Holly’s and Ivar — was discovered July 1 by his maid, lying face up in his bed beside a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, in his longtime Fairfax district apartment. The autopsy report listed “very high” levels of Fentanyl, the powerful opioid, and noted that Calamaro, 50, had suffered from depression and had been taking a mixture of prescription medication for pain and anxiety. “Based on the history and circumstances, as currently “ I have her in my car, driving to Cedars, flying down the 405, shaking her: ‘Don’t die on me!’” known,” the autopsy concluded, “the manner of death is accident.” Calamaro extended his gatekeeping instinct at times to Sheen’s social circle, eventually earning the enmity of Dykstra, who grew convinced that Calamaro was working on a tell-all. “Before I went [to jail], I said, ‘Dude, this guy, he is writing a fucking book, you got to fire him,’ ” recalls Dykstra (while freely admitting he himself later served as an unnamed source for the Enquirer). After he got out of jail, says Dykstra, he asked Sheen, “What the fuck happened to Calamaro?” who had overdosed while Dykstra was in prison. “He said, ‘You mean Dead Rick? What fucking happened is the motherfucker tried to blackmail me just like you said — wanted $5 million. I had him fucking iced.’ He said he had a hot dose put in there,” using slang for a lethal intravenous injection prepared for an unsuspecting victim. (Dykstra again offers no proof his recollection is accurate, and Sheen’s current lawyer, Shane Bernard, issued a denial of the allegations, noting Dykstra’s “laundry list of crimes” and asserting that his “disturbing, vile and outright ridiculous claims” are unreliable.) Sheen’s close friend, Tony Todd, who lived with the actor during this period and has known him since the two attended Santa Monica High School, laughingly scoffs at the charge, adding that even if Sheen were to have done such a thing, “Charlie’s not going to tell it to Lenny Dykstra!” Rossi says that while she is unaware of such an admission pertaining to Calamaro specifically, it’s certainly possible given her own history with the actor, which she outlined in a 2015 lawsuit. According to her filing, Sheen said “he wanted to murder people that he was angry with.” The suit also refers to a “hit” Sheen allegedly took out on Rossi’s ex-husband. The following year, she obtained a restraining order against Sheen after the LAPD began investigating an alleged recording in which he threatened to pay someone $20,000 to “kick her head in.” Since Sheen himself won’t comment, the likelihood of another scenario — that the star, while high, simply made a distasteful joke about having Calamaro killed — is unclear. Dykstra has a complicated relationship with Rossi, a porn star who says she met Sheen on a $10,000 escort date. Early on, as a favor to Sheen, Dykstra hired “an Armenian buddy to follow [Rossi] for a few days” to confirm she wasn’t cheating on him. (Dykstra says he used to hire private eyes to dig up dirt on umpires, noting “it wasn’t a coincidence” that he led the league in walks in 1993.) Dykstra eventually became Rossi’s confidant, and she divulged details of Sheen’s sexual kinks. Rossi tells THR: “He would look at transsexual porn when he was high and [ask her], ‘Which one is hot?’ ” Dykstra claims to have seen further proof of Sheen’s lifestyle. He says that attorney Keith Davidson, recently in the news for orchestrating porn actress Stormy Daniels’ alleged $130,000 payment to stay quiet about a 2006 affair with President Trump, showed him a copy of the tape that media outlets have reported was circulating in which Sheen participated in gay sex. (Over email, Davidson asserts, “This just never happened.”) Rossi confirms that once Sheen kicked her out, it was Dykstra who helped her free up money by selling off her pricey gifted watch collection to underground buyers and listened Dykstra, who last played in the majors in 1986, once served three years for indecent exposure, grand theft auto and filing false financial statements. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 68 FEBRUARY 7, 2018

as she told stories of domestic abuse by Sheen, including battery, false imprisonment and that he knowingly exposed her to HIV (all of which she alleged in a December 2013 lawsuit). Rossi told Dykstra and confirmed to THR that Sheen, concerned over how his crack use would affect the fetus, pressured her to get an abortion. “Right now,” says Rossi, “I would have a 3-year-old running around.” Dykstra shakes his head in repudiation. He is bothered less by the possibility of Sheen’s involvement in Calamaro’s death than what allegedly happened to Rossi. “Killing the guy that fucking tried to extort him: That’s his business,” he says. But what Rossi alleges happened to her is too much for him. “Men, they get in rages. But no pummeling.” Dykstra’s evident frustration with how things always seemed to go for him when it came to Sheen — sideways, to his mind, with him playing the good guy but getting no recognition to show for it — reaches a crescendo as he recalls another grim episode involving Rossi in November 2014. As he has it, she dialed him in tears, having overdosed on Valium in her Encino home, which she’d moved into after her breakup with Sheen. “Scottine says, ‘I’m dying.’ I say, ‘There’s a number for that: 9-1-1.’ ‘No, Charlie won’t like that.’ I go over there, she says she needs to go to the bathroom. It hits me. I run in and she’s swallowing a handful of pills. I tackle her and they go all over, but she gets a lot down.” Dykstra is an often-demonstrative raconteur, acting out the maneuver. “It was out of Pulp Fiction. Soon I have her in my car, driving to Cedars, flying down the 405, shaking her: ‘Don’t fucking die on me, bitch!’ ” He pauses, shakes his head. “I was on probation, dude!” He’s still irritated that “no one knows I saved her life.” Worse, he adds, getting worked up, Rossi never acknowledged his heroism. “The amount of times she thanked me is zero. Can you believe it?” Rossi confirms the pill incident but says that Dykstra — whose ditching of her at the hospital was so abrupt, she was forced to submit to a rape kit (“That’s what happens when some guy just drops you off and goes, ‘Bye!’ ”) — should be gallant enough not to ask to be recognized as her “knight in shining armor.” She laughs. “He’s still talking about that?” D ykstra began to lose favor in the court of King Charles — all of those gone-nowhere deals, all of that advice not taken. And what he considered his one, momentarily satisfying victory was, in hindsight, the thing he’s sure will be Sheen’s ultimate demise. Dykstra long suspected that another mansion nemesis, Sheen’s head of security, was ripping off the boss — charging personal expenses, including getaways and real estate taxes, back to Sheen. And he believes he has the AmEx bills (shared with THR) to back it up. The military veteran insists zero embezzlement took place and that any and all charges “were made with Charlie’s permission.” In any case, it wasn’t any purported theft that led to the employee’s firing. “What did it is that Charlie went to check his guns,” recalls Dykstra. “He calls me drunk, freaking out: ‘He took the fucking pins outta my guns! He put my family in danger!’ He went the most nuclear I’ve ever seen him.” Dykstra laughs, observing that in spite of his feelings about the security chief, “I would’ve taken those pins out too, the way Charlie was [behaving].” Still, Dykstra worried that the terminated employee would seek retribution and sought to neutralize him. Given Dykstra’s probationary status, he figured his best bet would be to pass on documents that he believed incriminated the man to the IRS. On Oct. 8, Dykstra got an email from an IRS agent, asking for a follow-up call. But the investigator wasn’t interested in talking more about the security chief. He had turned his attention to Sheen. “[The IRS agent] says, ‘What do you know about these $20,000 cash payments for “women of the night”?’ That’s when I knew they’re going to come at him with tax fraud, wire fraud — everything.” (The IRS will not comment on particular tax cases.) Dykstra knows from experience what it’s like when the government, patient and powerful, zeroes in on you. “It was a felony if you didn’t tell a woman you have HIV when you know it. Nothing has happened to him since all of those women went public. Think about it,” he says, proffering his own legal analysis. “This is how he is going to go down.” Dykstra and Sheen haven’t spoken since Dec. 21, 2014 — a final two-hour call initiated by the actor, whom Dykstra characterizes as downbeat. “He kept on saying how sorry he was,” he recalls. “Charlie said, ‘Everything you told me was right, they all lied to me.’ ” Dykstra believes that although they reconciled during the conversation, Sheen couldn’t bring himself to ever hang out with his old buddy again, since during a heated argument weeks earlier, Dykstra had revealed he had seen Sheen’s allegedly compromising sex tapes. “He couldn’t face me. He knows what I saw. He’s humiliated.” Yet livid texts sent by Sheen to Dykstra on Sept. 9 and obtained by THR from another source point to betrayal, not shame, as the actor’s reason for cutting off his friend. Sheen discovered that Dykstra planned to pocket 5 percent of that Warner Bros. payout deal — a cut the star felt had been arranged behind his back. Sheen typed: “bro – I repeatedly asked you, (and DO NOT CHALLENGE MY MEMORY) ‘Hey Len, what’s in this for you?’ and you always said; QUOTE: ‘Oh hey man, we’ll figure out something fair later on …’ well now I have to re invent what later on means between us. Newsflash GasLighter; You FUCKING KNEW FROM JUMP STREET WHAT IT WAS … you came in here to clean house and also clean my HARD EARNED CLOCK!” More than anything, Dykstra wants to present himself as the ultimate cleanup hitter, an unsung hero (OK, antihero) who in selfless service of a buddy went up against Hollywood’s most sordid retinue. He can’t countenance the prospect that he might not have been trustworthy, that maybe he was just out to extract his piece like all the rest of them. Or perhaps his initial motive for joining Sheen’s team truly was as simple as friendship. This just wasn’t his sport. Following that final call on Dec. 21, 2014, Dykstra texted Sheen once more. “It makes me feel so good that you know ‘I AM WHO I AM’ and the fact that you know I am your REAL FRIEND!” And continued, “FYI — I deleted everything on this phone and nobody knows we spoke tonight.” His signoff: “NAILS OUT!” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER 69 FEBRUARY 7, 2018

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