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Hawkeye Business & Community Education Catalog

Continuing Education, professional development, CEUs and short term career programs.

Business & Professional Development Creating Cell Phone Apps for Your Business : It seems that nearly everyone is carrying and using a smart phone these days. Whether you favor the Android, iPhone or Blackberry platforms, once you get used to having Internet access with you everywhere you go, it’s hard to be unplugged. Smart organizations across the globe are investing in building smartphone applications. The challenge with traditional smartphone applications is that development is highly technical and very expensive. In this four week course, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how non-technical users can build, deploy and market smartphone applications across Android and iPhone platforms. This course is ideal for business owners and executives who want to understand how smartphone applications can be inexpensively built and also for technical users who want to understand how to quickly deploy smartphone applications. NOTE – This course will not include any programming. At the end of this course, each participant will discover how easy they can build smart phone applications for their businesses, without any of the programming which is normally required. $245 | 34975 May 7 – Jun 1 Online / Belhassen $245 | 34976 Jul 2 – Jul 27 Online / Belhassen Entrepreneur Boot Camp : Starting a business is something that all of us have thought about at one time or another. Everyone wants to be their own boss. Yet statistics show that most businesses fail within the first five years. This course provides insight into the characteristics, knowledge and skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. At the end of this course, you will be able to identify the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish your business, develop an outline for your plan, and take home techniques to successfully manage your new business. $195 | 34934 Jun 4 – Jun 29 Online / Brian Law Entrepreneurial Marketing : To succeed in today’s marketplace, entrepreneurs must know how to effectively market their product or service. This course offers you a step-by-step approach to attract and keep customers, all within a realistic budget. With an emphasis on customer-driven marketing decisions, you will learn how to build a strong brand, analyze which tactics to use, and implement your marketing plan. Whether you are starting a business or growing an existing one, you will take away practical marketing tips and tools that you can use to improve your marketing efforts. $195 | 34937 Jun 4 – Jun 29 Online / Nadlman $195 | 34938 Aug 6 – Aug 31 Online / Nadlman 1-ON-1 TRAINING FOR QUICKBOOKS Contact Corporate and Business Solutions at 319-296-4223 to learn more. Facebook for Business : Find out what goes on behind the scenes on Facebook Pages and how to increase the chances that your message is seen and acted on. Discover new tools and proven techniques to increase business and expand your reach. Discuss how to adapt your marketing message for the Facebook platform and how to integrate Facebook across all marketing areas. This is an advanced class and assumes you have started a Page on Facebook and have some basic knowledge of the platform. It includes the most current updates Facebook has made to Pages. $245 | 34880 May 7 – Jun 1 Online / Siscaretti $245 | 34881 Jul 2 – Jul 27 Online / Siscaretti Financial Analysis and Planning for Non- Financial Managers : With the demands of daily operations, non-financial managers may put financial reports on the shelf. But take a look at some of the most admired companies like Apple, Google, and Berkshire Hathaway. Sure, they are evaluated by their products, innovation, and culture but they wouldn’t be in the limelight without profits. Money matters! This course will help you build on your understanding of financial concepts and help you establish your role in the financial success of your organization. Designed for non-financial managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other decision-makers, this advanced course will take the mystery out of money matters. Throughout this course, financial information that drives your organization, as seen on the business’s reports, will be assessed and analyzed to understand it. An understanding of this information will help you make smart decisions when it comes to budgeting, setting goals, and assessing performance within your own area of influence. $195 | 35008 Jun 4 – Jun 29 Online / Trana $195 | 35009 Aug 6 – Aug 31 Online / Trana Instagram for Business : With over 100 million users, Instagram is a marketing gold mine. Discover ways to have your audience generate excellent content for you. Build your community while doing it. Learn how to make hashtags work for you, how to make and keep your followers happy and how a small input can cause exponential growth. We’ll also explore Dos and Don’ts of Instagram to get you on the fast track to success. Make the most of Instagram and lead your business to unending exposure. An Android or iOS device is needed to take full advantage of the exercises in this class. $195 | 34877 Jun 4 – Jun 29 Online / Siscaretti Introduction to Mobile Marketing : More than half of US consumers who’ve made a purchase on their smartphone have done so in response to a mobile marketing message. Obviously, the way consumers are interacting with brands and connecting to the world is evolving. If phrases such as location-based marketing, mobile payments, QR codes, applications, mobile coupons and social networks almost cause you an anxiety attack, this class is for you. Increase your understanding of the mobile experience, especially smartphones and how you can leverage their capabilities to retain current customers and gain new ones. $195 | 34974 Jun 4 – Jun 29 Online / Salt 22 | Hawkeye Business & Community Education | May – Aug 2018 | | 319-296-4290

QuickBooks Level 1 Part of Bookkeeping Specialist Certificate series — see page 20. Save $200 when you register for the series. Learn the fundamentals of QuickBooks to manage your accounting needs. You will learn how to set up a company, how to record income and expenses, manage accounts receivable and accounts payable, reconcile bank transactions, create reports and graphs, and much more. This class is taught on PC’s, not Mac computers, and is not QuickBooks Online. Textbook is included. $199 | 33281 Jun 18 – Jun 27 MW 6pm–9pm / 4 sessions Morrison Main Campus - Buchanan Hall The Business Plan : Whether starting a business or growing the one you have, a business plan serves as a roadmap and can help secure needed funding. In this course, you evaluate the many aspects and potential hurdles of the business and build the business plan, one step at a time. This practical, hands-on approach encourages you to immerse yourself in the vision and planning aspects of your business. Focusing on the most critical components of the business plan enables you to uncover hidden risks and assess the business from a marketing, management, and financial vantage point. $195 | 34935 May 7 – Jun 1 Online / Beth Izard $195 | 34936 Jul 2 – Jul 27 Online / Beth Izard QuickBooks Level 2 Part of Bookkeeping Specialist Certificate series — see page 20. Save $200 when you register for the series. Expand your knowledge of QuickBooks. In this class you will learn how to set up inventory, track and pay sales tax, handle payroll, create estimates and sales orders, budget, make adjustments, complete year-end procedures and utilize the audit trail. This class is taught on PC’s, not Mac computers and is not QuickBooks Online. Textbook is included. $199 | 33282 Jul 9 – Jul 18 MW 6pm–9pm / 4 sessions Morrison Main Campus - Buchanan Hall Leah Morrison Leah is the founder and owner of Morrison Consulting LLC, a Waterloo-based company that offers QuickBooks bookkeeping, payroll, and tax return preparation services to small businesses both locally and nationally. Leah has been an instructor at Hawkeye since 2012 and enjoys helping students prepare for bookkeeping and accounting positions. Join Leah for her series Bookkeeping Specialist Certificate. Understanding & Preparing Financial Statements [NEW!] Part of Bookkeeping Specialist Certificate series — see page 20. Save $200 by registering for the series. Learn how to read and analyze financial statements. You will learn how to prepare an income statement, a statement of owner’s equity, and a balance sheet. Discover how to adjust, close and reverse entries. This course will refer to the textbook from Bookkeeping Level 1 & 2. Students not enrolled in the Bookkeeping Specialist certificate course have the option to purchase textbook separately. $149 | 33283 Jul 23 – Jul 25 MW 6pm–9:30pm / 2 sessions Morrison Main Campus - Buchanan Hall Business & Professional Development Self-Publishing eBooks : eBooks are becoming more popular than ever, especially with the release of the iPad and other tablet computers. In addition to publishing fiction and non-fiction books individuals and companies are using eBook publishing as a way to market products, services, and ideas. Come discover what makes a great eBook and how you go about creating, formatting and publishing your eBook. Learn the steps necessary to create your eBook with text, photos, illustrations, audio, videos and hyperlinks to websites. Understand the different options you have in self-publishing and distributing your eBook. Walk away not only knowing how to make an eBook but how to market it as well. $195 | 34954 May 7 – Jun 1 Online / Street $195 | 34955 Jul 2 – Jul 27 Online / Street WEALTH OF LEARNING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Hawkeye offers professional skill development in a variety of courses online, such as Business & Professional Development, Computers & Technology, Teachers & Educators, and more. Check out all that we have to offer Register online at | 319-296-4290 | 23

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