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Mountain Man Baby Daddy Chapter 1

Mountain Man Baby Daddy Chapter

Chapter 1 Jack The crystal blue waters of the lake are ice cold, but my cock is hot and thick and rock fucking hard. My coat is laying back on the cooler I brought with me. So are my boots. My coveralls, my flannel, my jeans—every fucking piece of clothing that most men need to survive this kind of cold, I’ve left high and dry back on shore. Right down to my socks and my goddamn underwear. Shit like this takes time to learn. You have to train your body to endure the harsh conditions, the deadly chill and most of all, the pain. I prepared myself for this. Got my aim just right. I’ve been doing this for ten fucking years now, and I can’t remember the last time I missed. Diving into the freezing waters of an iced-over lake like this would kill most men. Even those hot shot billionaire bad boys in the city who think the whole fucking world ought to bow to their horny little pricks and hairless little balls. It won’t fucking kill me. At this point, I don’t think anything can. My body breaks the surface of the water with all the finesse of an Olympic diver. Like I said— practice. I dive down deeper than I need to, all the way to the lake’s bottom. When I get there, I open my eyes and take in the full scope of the lake life beneath the frozen surface. At this point, most people would be enraptured in awe if they weren’t fucking dead already. The beauty of it all still gets me sometimes, and I’ve marveled at this more times than I can count. Up above me, through the big Jack-sized hole I sawed into the ice, the last rays of an early winter sunset light up the water, illuminating my exit. All around, the lake life continues, business as usual, despite the blanket of ice shutting them off from the outside world.

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