6 months ago

Triple Taught

Sitting in front of the

Sitting in front of the mirror again, I lightly tease my shoulder length, wavy brown hair. With just enough product, I can perfectly hold this sexy-casual look of not really having done anything with it at all. I do look sexy. I know that this charity date auction is to raise funds for children, and I’m really hoping to make a good impression with the charity, but the only thing I can think about now as I look at myself in the mirror is this insane feeling: I could totally get laid tonight. Which reminds me… “What do you think the men are going to be like?” “Old and rich.” What the fuck? Here I am getting myself psyched up for some hot guys to bid on me, and Chloe’s totally popping that bubble. She sees the look on my face, and starts laughing. “There may be some old people there, but most of the time it’s the young trust fund dudes who’ve never had to work a day in their life, or the rich workaholics who don’t have time for a relationship. Those are the ones that show up. One type is just in it for the fun, the other for the tax write-off. Either way, their pockets are deep and they’ll have plenty to spend. Might make for a very memorable date.” That’s exactly what I want to hear. I want tonight to be a great night for both us and The Fostering Angels Charity. They only do a few of these date auctions a year, and I want this one to be a really big pay-out for them. Plus, I’m hoping that once I graduate, I can get a good job and donate money there myself. If I make a good enough impression tonight, maybe they’ll remember me. It wasn’t easy being a foster kid, and I am sure it’s not any better for them today. I want to do my part to pay it forward, and give these kids a chance at happiness. Not all of them will get chosen by a great family like I did. And, if I can get laid by some hot trust fund guy in the process of raising money for charity, I’m not going to pretend like I wouldn’t kind of enjoy it. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m seeing a new side of myself tonight. A side of myself that actually likes the idea of being bought by a rich man, wined and dined and maybe even a little more for the evening. I mean, hello, who wouldn’t jump at that chance?

Chloe comes up next to me, putting her arm around me. I feel the heat from her body as she stands next to me. I look at our reflection in the mirror. We look really fucking hot. “We look like a couple of those girls in the smutty romance novels that we read,” I say. “Like those ones who auction off their virginity or some shit.” Chloe and I both laugh. “Yeah. Except that ship has sailed a long damn time ago. I wonder if anyone there will have a gigantic cock like they always do in the stories? Maybe we’ll both get taken home and fucked for hours by 12 inches of man meat!” Chloe laughs and I gulp. I mean, 12 inches of man meat is, like…a lot of man meat. “How about a shot?” I propose. I’m gonna need it at this point. “Hell yeah.” She pours two shots of tequila, and we toss them back without the aid of lime or salt. We make ridiculous faces at each other as the warm liquid burns its way down our throats. If I’m lucky, that won’t be the only warm liquid I’ll swallow tonight! The thought pops into my head before my good-girl brain has a chance to censor it. Fuck, a little eyeliner, six-inch heels and a little black dress is apparently all it takes to turn me into a total slut for the evening. Even that one little thought makes my pussy clench. Who am I right now? Chloe’s phone beeps. “Cool. Our Uber is here.” We go downstairs and get into the black SUV that’s waiting. The driver can’t keep his eyes off us. Even that starts to turn me on. It reaffirms how amazing we both look. I try to imagine what he’s thinking about when he looks at us. He’s probably fantasizing about us kissing each other or some shit, then fighting over who gets to suck his throbbing cock first. Damn, I swear this isn’t normally like me. I’m usually pretty shy about sex stuff, I swear! But I’m one horny bitch tonight, aren’t I? Let’s hope for the sake of this story that I actually get some later so you aren’t subjected to chapters and chapters of unfulfilled fantasies from my undersexed brain. I’m torn from my little reverie by Chloe’s voice. “Are you even listening to me?” “Sorry, I missed it. What did you say?”

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