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Triple Taught

She’s sucking my cock

She’s sucking my cock like she’ll never get a cock afterwards—because she never fucking will. “Oh God, Elijah, your cock is so fucking big,” Wanda moans. “Bethany would be so mad.” And there you have it, folks. Wanda is getting married, but not to a fucking dude. If she goes through with it, this is literally the last cock she’s ever going to have in her mouth. Ever. So why not go out having the fucking best? You know you would. All happily comfortable in your little blanket as you read this? Or maybe out in public because you’re a bad girl and you like getting wet with people around you? Oh yeah, baby, I know your type. But if you were told tonight was going to be your last blowjob ever, you would fucking find me. And drop to your knees. Your fingers would rub your pussy as you open your mouth and take me in. I fucking guarantee it. You sure as fuck wouldn’t want a chance to go through life missing my 12 inches of pussy pleasing lust muscle. And apparently, neither does Wanda. I put my hands on her head and start to guide her as I close my eyes. It’s my good friend Chuck who invited me to this fucking joke of a wedding retreat of Wanda and Bethany’s, and I came here only because Chuck wanted to hit on one of the bridesmaids from the brides’ side. I was already confused as fuck which side that could be, so I didn’t even bother to ask questions, but from the moment I saw Wanda staring at me across the room licking her full lips, I knew what was going to go down. Now, we’re at the rehearsal dinner. Yeah, it’s risky. But nothing adds more to the fun than this. I even made sure we do it here in the kitchen – while the organic vegan rehearsal dinner is happening in the dining room of the fucking restaurant.

What can I say? I can’t be fucking bothered to go out of my way just for some head. Doesn’t matter who’s giving it. Besides, a few more sucks and I’ll be done. I can already feel my balls start to tighten up and I know I’m fucking close. I groan. This is going to be a big fucking nut. Wanda is going to remember this spectacular moment for the rest of her fucking life. Consider it an early fucking wedding present. And that’s when the door to the kitchen opens from the dining room. “Surprise!” a half dozen people yell as they bring in the cake. Holy fucking shit! What the fuck is going on? I see a large cake being wheeled in. That’s the fucking wedding cake. Made from fucking wheat germ and gluten free granola or whatever the fuck. Made for fucking wimp ass hippies. What. The. Fuck. Let me tell you about this cake. Fucking organic gluten and dairy free unbleached rice flour bullshit. I bet it tastes like fucking dirt. “We thought you’d want to be the first to see the cake!” someone yells out and starts to film. “What are you doing in here anyways, Wanda?” someone else says. See, at first people don’t realize what’s going on. The possibility that the bride would be on her knees, furiously rubbing her puss while sucking me off is incomprehensible to most normal people. So they think she’s doing what? Maybe just picking something up from the ground or some shit. “Wait, Wanda?” someone asks. “Wanda!” a bridesmaid (I don’t know whose) yells, pushing her thick black-framed glasses further up her nose. “Get your mouth off that cock this instant!” Wanda moves her mouth off and the “pop” this time is almost fucking louder than ever. “Sorry,” she wails. “I just couldn’t give up one last cock!” She’s saying this, but she’s jerking me off and my eyes are going fucking cross-eyed.

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