6 months ago

Triple Taught

I’m trying to keep it

I’m trying to keep it together in front of the thirty or so hipster assholes who are pushing in the newly arrived wedding cake into the kitchen as they stare at me in shock. Holy fucking hell. I’m going to cum. The last thing I can make out is seeing Chuck and Bethany look at me in a state of horror as I give out a guttural groan. Wanda never stops jerking me off. I could wonder why, but I don’t. I don’t fucking care. Because I’m fucking cumming like a fucking racehorse. Ropes of salty, sticky cum shoot out from my cock. She’s still jerking me and I dimly realize that she’s aiming it. At. The. Cake. Fuck me. It’s one thing to get a blowjob from the bride. But now, I swear to God, I’m cumming. And it’s landing on her cake. But my shit is potent. I’m a strong fucking shooter. I groan – unable to help myself – as jets of cum fly out and shoot onto the fucking fivelayer wedding cake from hell. There’s two brides in white on the top. A cum blast to the body of one knocks it off the cake. Let’s just say the other one is still covered in white. Fuck. This is fucking insane. Eventually the cum stops shooting out. I must have emptied a fucking gallon of that shit. Everyone is looking at me in horror as post orgasm endorphins sluice through my veins. This shit is surreal. The silence by which these fuckers look at me. I look back. They’re horrified. But you know what? Fuck them.

I never wanted to be here anyways with these goddamn fake-cake-eating assholes I don’t even fucking know. They want to judge me, they can fucking get in line to suck my cock. You want to judge me? Is it because you want to suck my cock now, too? Take all my baby batter in your mouth? Well, maybe I’ll let you. This silence is unreal. I lift my pants up and zip up and start to leave through the other exit as people, including Wanda, look at me in undisguised disgust and loathing. What the fuck ever. “Let’s just call that fucking icing on the cake, shall we?” I ask as I leave their pretentious asses staring after me. Like I said, you want to judge me? Then do me a favor. Give me the chance to fucking show you the real Elijah. Take you on a ride you won’t ever forget. Only one way to do that, baby. Turn the fucking page.

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