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Precitools press brake tools for Promecam (EURO) system

Press brake tools for machines: Adira, AM Machinery, Amada, Axial, Baykal, Boschert, Bystronic, CMU, CoastOne, Colgar, Colly, Gilardi, Guifil, Dener Makina, Deratech, Durma, Edward Pearson, Ermaksan, Femas, Fratelli Farina, GADE, Gasparini, Gecko, HACO (Atlantic), Hammerle, Hesse, Hezinger, IMAL, Ironmac, ITEK, Jean Perrot, Jodri, KAAST, Karmet, Kingsland, Knuth, Mecos, MVD, Nargesa, OMAG, Peliant, Rico, Salvagnini, Schiavi, SMD, STR, Tabama, Teda, Vicla, Vimercati, Warcom, Yangli, YSD etc. We supply solid pieces 415, 835 mm; section set (cutted) 805 mm and complete sets for the full length of your press brake.


PROMECAM PUNCH HOLDERS AND CLAMPS PCL-003 Art. N L H Weight UN01 150 mm 63 0,8 kg UN02 with 150 mm 58 0,8 kg PU insert PCL-004 Art. N L H Weight UN01 150 mm 58 0,8 kg UN02 with 150 mm 58 0,8 kg PU insert Tel. +39 0280886585 E-mail: Web: 44

NOTES AND REMARKS CODES EXPLANATION Our catalog has code structure with 2 main codes – Group code in 3 letters and Art. Code as subcode So each position includes group code + Art. code How to find your group code: PGP PGS PRP PRI Promecam General Punches Promecam GooSeneck Punches Promecam Radius Punches Promecam Radius Inserts PFD PTD PMD PSD PDI PND PNI PPD PPI PHD PDD PZD PZI Promecam Flattening Dies Promecam T-shape Dies Promecam Multi-V Dies Promecam Single-V Dies Promecam Die Inserts Promecam Nylon Dies Promecam Nylon Inserts Promecam Polyurethane Dies Promecam Polyurethane Inserts Promecam Hemming Dies Promecam Double (2V) Dies Promecam Z-bend dies Promecam Z-bend Inserts PDH INT PCL Promecam Die Holders Promecam style Intermediates Promecam Clamp Plates Tel. +39 0280886585 E-mail: Web: 45

Bending tools for press brakes