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Inside April 10, 2018 .qxp_Layout 1 4/9/18 9:15 PM Page 7 6TH APRIL 2018 FRIDAY CURRENCY PARIS CODE BUYING SELLING US Dollar USDGHS 4.4036 4.4080 RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS 6.1642 6.1716 Euro GBPGHS 5.3854 5.3891 10 DAILY HERITAGE TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018 WWW.DAILYHERITAGE.COM.GH Establish a national traceability system for yams • GROCTEU appeals to Govt THE GHANA Root and Tubers Exporters Union (GROCTEU) has raised concerns about the continuous absence of a national traceability system for yams from Ghana. The system, the union explained, would allow supply chain actors and regulatory authorities to identify the source of a food safety or quality problem and initiate procedures to remedy it. In a statement copied to the DAILY HERITAGE, GROC- TEU described the traceability system as an information system necessary to provide the history of a product or a process from origin to point of final consumption. “The absence of an efficient •Mr Owusu Afriyie Akoto, Minister for Food and Agriculture and modern national traceability system for root crops and tubers in Ghana constitutes a formidable barrier to exporters of such agricultural produce, especially to the European and North American markets,” the group said. According to GROCTEU, root crops and tubers exporters from Ghana are unable to market their produce to the major supermarket chains on the international market because the produce are not traceable and are subjected to food safety concerns. “This situation has also accounted of the reports of incidents of rejected root crops and tubers from Ghana, as was reported in the national dailies, recently. As a result, root crops and tubers exporters from Ghana mainly market their products to the small corner shops and sometimes from the booths of vans to localized African populations abroad,” the statement said. The union further stated that it was imperative for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI), and other relevant departments to increase their efforts and push for the establishment of a national traceability system for root crops and tubers. This, they argued, would not only enhance the viability of root crop and tubers exporters in Ghana but also increase the contribution of root crops and tubers as a viable non-traditional export. They mentioned that it was initiating action under the auspices of the Business Sector and Advocacy Fund to demand a national traceability system for agricultural produce as part of national efforts to facilitate the attainment of key milestones in the National Yam Sector Development Strategy. AGI construction sector wants local content law BY OSEI OWUSU AMANKWAAH THE CONSTRUCTION sector of the Association of Ghana Industry (AGI) wants the government to adopt a local content law for its members. The AGI says it is worried many raw materials used by players in the sector are imported and so wants a law which will entreat contractors to source some of their raw materials locally. “We believe strongly that Ghanaians must be empowered to offer their services properly. So the AGI construction sector, with support from BUSAG, has been advocating this empowerment through the development of a local content policy which is being developed. “Consultations are ongoing; it is believed if the government buys into this effectively there will be some attention on Ghanaians in terms of service provision and the use of materials in Ghana,” the Chairman of the AGI’s construction sector, Rockson Dogbega, said. “It will lead to the development of production bases for construction materials and it will lead to enhancing the capacity of Ghanaians to do what foreign companies normally will come and do.” The Association says it is also pushing the government to amend its procurement structures for the sector and also wants it to •Mr Rockson Dogbega, Chairman, AGI construction sector accept the bid declaration in place of bid securities. A Bid Declaration is a sworn statement by a bidder committing to sign a contract document if selected, but faces a ban if he reneges. This is to avoid the huge collaterals sought by banks before they get the needed documents to file bid securities for government projects. AGI believes the declaration will make the acquisition of government contracts flexible. “It will give some preference to Ghanaians in terms of public procurement and some other related services,” Dogbega added.

Inside April 10, 2018 .qxp_Layout 1 4/9/18 9:15 PM Page 8 WWW.DAILYHERITAGE.COM.GH DAILY HERITAGE TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018 11 Politics Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself —Henry James Mahama’s ‘Obinim sticker’ Comment “Uppercut” – Bawa Mogtari BY KOBINA WELSING THE SPECIAL Aide to President John Dramani Mahama has mocked President Nana Akufo- Addo, saying Mr Mahama has knocked him out with the Obinim sticker jab. Joyce Bawa Mogtari, however, added the comment was a joke and must be taken as such. The former President, during a Unity walk in Wa in the Upper West Region last Saturday, said, “You do not win an election on the weakness of your opponent. You win an election because the electorate have confidence in you. And so even though NPP is proving super-incompetent, we cannot sit and relax and say because they are super-incompetent we are going to win the next election. So we are going to work hard to win. “I have been watching social media lately, and there’s something that has come, and I think it cures everything. It’s the Obinim sticker, the President and his government need an Obinim sticker. “If it really works, then I think they need the sticker. So I am saying that we cannot depend on their incompetence, we need to work hard to gain the support of the electorate,” Mahama said. Mr Mahama said the ruling New Patriotic Party had failed and could be felt in the “unbearable •Joyce Bawa Mogtari hardship” being experienced by Ghanaians. However, speaking to ‘Morning Starr’ host Francis Abban yesterday (Monday), Madam Bawa Mogtari said even though the comment was a joke, it was an uppercut to Mr. Akufo-Addo. “I think the comment from John Mahama was an uppercut if we were in a boxing arena… Obinim stickers have become a very topical issue. John Mahama was just kidding when he mentioned the Obinim sticker. It was just a joke and let’s take it as such. “I don’ think the joke on the Obinim sticker was a bad joke. It was just a joke and we should take it as such,” she said. PARLIAMENT OF GHANA CONSIDERATION OF BILL The general public is hereby informed that the Ghana Integrated Bauxite Aluminum Development Authority Bill, 2018 has been laid in Parliament and referred to the Committee on Mines and Energy for consideration and report. The Committee hereby request for a written memoranda from the general public in respect of the Bill. The written memoranda should reach the Committee not later than Monday, 16th April 2018 through the address below: THE CLERK TO THE COMMITTEE COMMITTEE ON MINES AND ENERGY SECRETARIAT JOB 600, 4TH FLOOR - WEST WING PARIAMENT HOUSE - ACCRA

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