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April 1, 2018 The Kamloops Self-Advocate Professionals Who Bring Light into Workplaces By Lisa Coriale Kathryn Fields has lived in Kamloops for 12 years with her husband and her two little boys. She has a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy (MScOT) and works part time at Royal Inland Hospital as an Occupational Therapist (OT). Kathryn became interested in occupational therapy when she was searching for opportunities for overseas missions. She loved how occupational therapy was focused on the client and their goals. Kathryn enjoys the variety of aspects that occupational therapy offers, “I love the variety in my job and how we don’t focus on just one aspect, but assess and treat the whole person. Physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and the person’s environment.” Kathryn works on the rehab unit with clients who have had strokes or traumatic brain injuries. Many people who have had a stroke may lose function on one side of their body. Strokes can occur in different parts of a person’s brain. Because of this, clients may also experience issues with memory, problem solving, balance, vision or speech. Because each stroke and its effects are different, it can be challenging for Occupational Therapists like Kathryn and their clients to foresee their future improvements. Occupational therapy is based on different individuals and how they function and participate in daily activities. During recovery, Kathryn works with the clients to help them achieve these activities including getting dressed, feeding themselves, grocery shopping, cooking meals and housework. Another aspect that Kathryn has to consider is when clients may have to care for family members at home. A part of her job is also to assess clients’ needs for equipment such as wheelchairs, shower seats and grab bars. Kathryn works alongside her clients to make decisions to help them get stronger and learn new ways of accomplishing tasks. She works with clients in different stages of their rehabilitation process. The clients' needs depend on who is new, who is going home, and who needs further assessment. Kathryn has the privilege and honor to work very closely with the medical team that consists of physiotherapists, rehab assistants, and speech therapists. There are times where Kathryn has to come up with creative techniques to assist her clients. While working with new mothers on the rehab unit, she comes up with creative ways to practice diapering and swaddling. They use items such as dolls and bags of rice to represent babies. A rewarding aspect of Kathryn’s job is being able to see clients improve, “It is amazing how the brain can heal itself and use other pathways after parts have been damaged.” Kathryn loves to interact one-on-one with her clients and their families. We are grateful to professionals like Kathryn who take care of us when 2

April 1, 2018 The Kamloops Self-Advocate we need them the most. Their compassionate love and support allows us to share our light with everyone in the community. Krystian’s Corner I have a workout buddy named Nikki. I feel very lucky that Nikki wanted to be my friend and my companion for exercising. I knew of her at Board Game socials. She answered my request for a workout buddy on Facebook. I am very grateful that Nikki wanted to become my friend and be my exercise supporter. I like her and will keep my commitment with her because she is a nice friend and peer. We will help each other to stay healthy and fit. She will also drive me home sometimes instead of me taking handy dart, or if handy dart can’t do it. I am lucky to have her in my life and will support her as a friend and she will support me too. She is a great friend to have. The first time she and I met me at planet fitness, I was so worried about her working me too hard that my anxiety gave me a nosebleed. She calmed me down and told me we will work together and have fun. She encourages me to work hard enough to break out with a little sweat but we need to have fun too. She helped relax me and was very understanding. After breaking the ice with her, when we exercised for the first time, we both exercised enough to break a sweat but we also had fun together too. It makes me look forward to exercising. I really want to lose weight and get healthier both mentally and physically. Thanks Nikki for helping me in my journey. Healthy Living Column By Krystian Have you ever felt exercising alone to be boring? If so, how about trying out a workout buddy or a fitness partner to make exercise more fun. Fitness is good for your mind and body and overall wellbeing. It is a great stress reliever too. Having a workout buddy is great to prevent you from losing your motivation. You can both push each other to work harder. Bringing a Walkman or having music on your cell phone or an MP 3 player helps to make time go faster also. Everyone needs an exercise program that is right for them. Planet fitness is very inexpensive, you can do Zumba at the Y, or even just go for a walk. All of these will help to get your heart rate up, which is great for keeping your heart and mind healthy. It also reduces stress. The important thing is to find something you enjoy so that you are more likely to stay motivated and keep doing it. Jokes When do monkeys fall from the sky? During Ape-ril showers! Can February March? No, but April May! Why is everyone so tired on April 1? Because they've just finished a long, 31 day March! What season is it when you are on a trampoline? Spring-time! Why are trees very forgiving? Because in the Fall they "Let It Go" and in the Spring they "turn over a new leaf". Source: miscellaneousjokes/weatherj okes/springjokes.html 3

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