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KSA April 2018 (1)


April 1, 2018 The Kamloops Self-Advocate things than we would know if we don’t include everyone in our world. Enhance your life by including all in your everyday life. When you see someone on the street, say hi even if their life seems to look more challenging than your own. Who knows, a meaningful friendship might develop as a result. “Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead Walk beside me… just be my friend” ― Albert Camus “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley TCS Krystian wanted the KSA readers to know more about some of his advertisers. This month, he is featuring TCS and some of the people who work there…. Meet Jhenna Owen What is TCS? TCS is an agency that provides services to adults with diversabilities. We are committed to enhancing each day for every individual and support many people, and their families, throughout the province. What do you do? I am a Residential Services Manager at the Alexis Home Why do you guys believe in my newsletter? We believe in supporting people with diversabilities in their employment and it makes sense for TCS to advertise with the people we serve. Why did you want to advertise with the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter? We wanted to advertise with the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter because we believe that all individuals have a choice in who they want service from. We wanted to make sure that the community is aware of who we are and what services we provide. What makes TCS a special agency for people with developmental disabilities? What makes TCS special is the relationships we build with the community and the people we serve. We believe that we offer great options and services to people with diverse needs. Why do you believe in giving back to social services and to disability related things such as the newsletter? TCS believes that supporting social services and the newsletter helps people with diversabilities have a voice in our community. What makes TCS stand out from other social services? TCS stands out because we have worked hard to create an agency that truly believes that everyone should have an opportunity to live a great life that is rich with opportunities and growth. We strive to support people in their homes, in their communities and in the workplace. Wrenn Weston from TCS had this to share: TCS (Thompson Community Services) is a social services agency with a proud history of serving individuals with diversabilities and their families for almost 34 years. We began in Kamloops in 1984 and since then have grown to now providing residential and non - residential services to mostly adults, in more than 25 communities across BC. 6

April 1, 2018 The Kamloops Self-Advocate I am the Chief Operating Officer for TCS. This means that that I work very closely with Chief Executive Officer, Bob Cornish, to make sure that that all of our programs are being run well and to the highest standards. As well, our jobs are to make sure that we are meeting the needs of individuals, their families and CLBC. I have been with TCS for the last 10 years and this has been the most rewarding experience of my long career. TCS fully supports the goals of the BC Self Advocacy Foundation and the community based Self Advocacy groups in BC. Your newsletter is an excellent way to connect with your members in the Kamloops area to make sure that people know their rights and what opportunities and resources are available. At TCS, we are very proud of the work that we do, our membership with Inclusion BC and our commitment to individuals, their families and the community. This is especially true in Kamloops given our long history of community involvement. Sharing our story in your newsletter is a wonderful way to further connect with individuals and their families and to make sure that the community knows who we are and what we do. TCS is totally committed to the individuals whom we serve. This starts at the very first meeting and is part of every step of the relationship thereafter. Our mission is simple: to enhance each day for each individual. Our promise is to provide the best support and care possible using the most innovative practices. In addition, through our membership with Inclusion BC and through our dedicated staff members, TCS provides a voice of advocacy for individuals with diversabilities to become full participating citizens in their own communities. At TCS we are part of the communities where we provide services. We are also part of the diversabilities community. We take these responsibilities very seriously. This is reflected in our mission “to enhance each day for each individual”. In order to fulfill this promise to individuals, their families and their communities, TCS has a culture of service, advocacy and innovation. We are very supportive of increasing opportunities for individuals with diversabilities to be further participate as full citizens in their communities. What makes TCS stand out from other social services? Commitment. Commitment is our promise to Individuals, their families, communities and our dedicated staff members. Dining in the Dark for CNIB By Krystian Thank you for coming to Dining in the Dark city of Kamloops. Ben and I enjoyed spending time with the community. This was our first time fundraising for CNIB. Thank you for helping us to make it very successful. We especially thank Frick & Frack Taphouse for helping host our event. Thank you, Les Nolin, for doing a speech and for coming with many people from CNIB. Thank you Cliff and Linda Shaw for helping with tickets and performance. Thank you to Vern & Sharon for performing and traveling here. Thank you Kamloops This Week for covering the event and interviewing us. Thanks to both Midday & Radio NL for helping to promote this fundraiser. Special thanks to Ben for being a great friend and teammate. We appreciated everyone’s support to raise $800.00 for CNIB. We hope to do this fundraiser again next year! Please let us know if you would like to help. thekamloopsselfadvocat Awareness Days April 2 nd World Autism Awareness Day. April 7 th World Health Day 7

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