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DoD-Supply-Catalog v.042018

Our Scullery and Laundry

Our Scullery and Laundry Products come in a variety of liquid and solid forms We are able to provide dispensing equipment which will properly dilute the chemicals to fit your needs. Our Ship-Shape! Cannonball Line is a great space saver! Popular Scullery Items on Pg. 96 & 97 Ship Shape! Cannonballs Mighty Dish Detergent Ship Shape! Cannonballs Ramp Up Rinse Aid Ship Shape! Cannonballs Power Up Pre-Soak Need more information? See your Account Manager for Details Don’t have an Account Manager? Call our Green Oger Hotline! 1 (855) GRN-OGER Proudly Made in the USA! Popular Laundry Items on Pg. 96 Ship Shape! Cannonballs Hamper Stamper Oger Suds Laundry Detergent - Removes Stains - Water Softeners - Odor Eliminator - Phosphate Free 14


2012 Catalog PDF - Tri-C Club Supply
2013 Catalog PDF - Tri-C Club Supply