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DoD-Supply-Catalog v.042018

Coatings Stay Charged -

Coatings Stay Charged - Battery Terminal Protectant Stay Charged is an industrial battery terminal sealer and protector. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS1205A Stay Charged 6830-LL-N01-3816 Zinc About It - Zinc Aerosol Coating Spray Zinc About It is an extremely flexible zinc galvanizer. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS1208A Zinc About It 6850-LL-N00-2707 Arrester - Rust Converter Arrester does not just cover up rust, it converts existing rust into an inert coating that seals out moisture. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS1201A Arrester 6850-LL-N01-6521 Gal 4 Box GMS1202G Arrester 8010-LL-N00-5840 Image shown using Arrester - Rust Converter GMS1201A Marked items are included in NSN Kits on the pages noted! 74

Smell These Nuggets! - Deodorizing Nuggets NSN: #4910-01-620-2637 on Pg. 21 Smell These Nuggets! are deodorizing nuggets used to treat bad odors. Smell These Nuggets! Starter Sacs are jars with 4 bags of nuggets in each. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # 1 BKT GMS7048 Smell These Nuggets! Limon 1 Jar GMS7048SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Limon 1 BKT GMS7050 Smell These Nuggets! Melon 7930-LL-N01-2175 1 Jar GMS7050SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Melon 8520-NP-555-0259 1 BKT GMS7051 Smell These Nuggets! Berry 7930-LL-N01-2268 1 Jar GMS7051SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Berry 1 BKT GMS7052 Smell These Nuggets! Plum 7930-LL-N01-2177 1 Jar GMS7052SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Plum 8520-NP-555-0200 1 BKT GMS7053 Smell These Nuggets! Apple 7930-LL-N01-2174 1 Jar GMS7053SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Apple 1 BKT GMS7054 Smell These Nuggets! Cherry 7930-LL-N01-2173 1 Jar GMS7054SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Cherry 8520-NP-555-0258 1 BKT GMS7055 Smell These Nuggets! Peach 7930-LL-N01-2176 1 Jar GMS7055SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Peach 1 BKT GMS7056 Smell These Nuggets! Vanilla 7930-LL-N01-2466 1 Jar GMS7056SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Vanilla 8520-NP-555-0260 1 BKT GMS7057 Smell These Nuggets! Cinnamon 8520-NP-555-0299 1 Jar GMS7057SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Cinnamon 1 BKT GMS7058 Smell These Nuggets! Sunkist 6840-LH-A00-2902 1 Jar GMS7058SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Sunkist 1 BKT GMS7059 Smell These Nuggets! Breeze 6840-LH-A00-2903 1 Jar GMS7059SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Breeze 1 BKT GMS7060 Smell These Nuggets! Honey 1 Jar GMS7060SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Honey 1 BKT GMS7061 Smell These Nuggets! Spice 8520-NP-555-0641 1 Jar GMS7061SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Spice 1 BKT GMS7062 Smell These Nuggets! Fresh 7930-LL-N01-6300 1 Jar GMS7062SS Smell These! Starter Sacs Fresh EA 1 Box GMSE9036 Smell These Nuggets! Wall Cabinet w/ Fan (White) 8520-NP-888-9937 EA 1 Box GMS7050E Smell These Dispenser Deodorants 75

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