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Lubricants Lube This! -

Lubricants Lube This! - Red Grease NSN: #4910-01-620-2664 on Pg. 22 Lube This! is a lithium complex lubricating red grease. Lube This! (Cartridge) comes with 10 cartridges. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # 1 Box GMS1302C Lube This! 9150-LL-N00-3899 Can 12 Box GMS1303A Lube This! 9150-LL-N00-9460 Safe T Lube - Food Grade Lubricant Safe T Lube protects against rust, oxidation, wear, and resists water and steam washout. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS1308A Safe T Lube 9150-LL-N04-2167 No Caesar - Prevents Seizing No-Caesar is a lubricant that is an anti-seize compound. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS1310A No Caesar 9150-LL-N02-3499 Lith Lube - White Lithium Grease Lith Lube is a white lithium grease that is also a marine grade aerosol. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS1311A Lith Lube 9150-LL-N00-9351 Link Lube - Chain & Cable Lube NSN: #4910-01-620-2664 on Pg. 22 Link Lube lubricates chains and cables to keep them moving. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS1306A Link Lube 9150-LL-N00-9393 Marked items are included in NSN Kits on the pages noted! 82

U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Aerosol 12 Box GMS2009 Spray This New Tan 8010-LL-N01-1581 Aerosol 6 Box GMS1077A Digital Camo Black Aerosol 6 Box GMS1076A Digital Camo Coyote Aerosol 6 Box GMS1074A Digital Camo Green Aerosol 6 Box GMS1084A Digital Camo Foliage Green Aerosol 6 Box GMS1080A Digital Camo Highland Aerosol 6 Box GMS1082A Digital Camo Sand Aerosol 6 Box GMS1078A Digital Camo Tan Aerosol 6 Box GMS1079A Digital Light Tan Aerosol 6 Box GMS540A Engine Enamel Alpine Green 8010-LL-N01-4000 Aerosol 6 Box GMS988A Flat Camo Black 8010-LL-N01-3983 Aerosol 12 Box GMS12399A * Flat Camo Desert Tan 8010-LL-N01-3981 Aerosol 6 Box GMS999A Flat Camo Earth Brown 8010-LL-N01-3990 Aerosol 6 Box GMS967A Flat Camo Earth Red 8010-LL-N00-5480 Aerosol 6 Box GMS957A Flat Camo Earth Yellow 8010-LH-A00-1742 Aerosol 6 Box GMS968A Flat Camo Field Drab Aerosol 6 Box GMS979A Flat Camo Forest Green Aerosol 12 Box GMS12389A * Flat Camo Gray 8010-LL-N01-3993 Aerosol 6 Box GMS987BA Flat Camo Olive Drab 8010-LL-N01-3994 Aerosol 6 Box GMS977A Flat Camo Sand 8010-LL-N01-3991 Aerosol 6 Box GMS990A Flat Camo Woodland Green 8010-LL-N01-3982 Aerosol 6 Box GMS975A Flat Camo White 8010-LL-N01-4015 Aerosol 6 Box GMS128A Flat Gray Primer 8010-LL-N01-6697 Aerosol 6 Box GMS132A * Flat Green Primer 8010-LL-N01-4006 Aerosol 12 Box GMS13161A * Gloss Fluorescent Orange 8010-HZ-001-0971 Aerosol 12 Box GMS13163A * Gloss Orange Aerosol 12 Box GMS12311A * Gloss Black 8010-LL-N01-3983 Aerosol 12 Box GMS12375A * Gloss Red Aerosol 12 Box GMS12317A * Gloss White 8010-LL-N01-4862 Aerosol 12 Box GMS12355A * Gloss Yellow 8010-LL-N01-3984 Gal 4 Box GMS14075G * Interior Enamel Almond Sand 8010-LL-N00-7478 5 Gal 1 Can GMS3517CN * Interior Enamel Super White Latex 8010-LL-N00-4482 Aerosol 12 Box GMS203A Marking Paint Blue Aerosol 12 Box GMS205A Marking Paint Orange Aerosol 12 Box GMS201A Marking Paint Red Aerosol 12 Box GMS202A Marking Paint Yellow Paints Ruskill National Blue Gloss Yellow Gloss Red * Product cannot be sold in California. 83

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