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DoD-Supply-Catalog v.042018

Paints U/M Qty. U/I

Paints U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Aerosol 12 Box GMS1010A * Red Iron Oxide Primer Gal 4 Box GMS1020G * Ruskill Flat White Gal 4 Box GMS1016G * Ruskill Maintenance White Gal 4 Box GMS1035G * Ruskill National Blue Gal 4 Box GMS1042G Ruskill Safety Green Gal 4 Box GMS1072G * Ruskill Safety Red Gal 4 Box GMS1056G * Ruskill Safety Yellow Aerosol 6 Box GMS306A Rust Proof Black Gal 2 Box GMS311G Rust Proof Gold Aerosol 6 Box GMS303A Rust Proof Safety Blue Aerosol 6 Box GMS304A Rust Proof Safety Green Gal 2 Box GMS300G Rust Proof Safety Purple Aerosol 6 Box GMS301A Rust Proof Safety Red 8010-LL-N01-4023 Aerosol 6 Box GMS302A Rust Proof Safety Yellow Aerosol 6 Box GMS307A Rust Proof Safety White Gal 2 Box GMS307G Rust Proof Safety White 8010-LL-N01-4013 Aerosol 6 Box GMS997BA Semi Gloss Olive Drab Aerosol 12 Box GMS710A Traffic White 8010-HZ-001-0287 Gal 2 Box GMS710G Traffic White Aerosol 12 Box GMS720A Traffic Yellow 8010-LL-N00-7911 Aerosol 12 Box GMS750A Traffic Blue Aerosol 12 Box GMS730A Traffic Red 8010-LL-N01-4107 Gal 1 Box GMS66W * Universal Latex Primer-White 84

Crack Killer - Expandable Insulating Foam Sealant Crack Killer expands inside of cracks to fill in missing material. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # Can 12 Box GMS3005A Crack Killer 8010-LL-N01-5805 Rock Hard - Repair Epoxy Putty Stick NSN: #4910-01-620-2615 on Pg. 22 NSN: #4940-01-642-1431 on Pg. 23 Rock Hard Original is great for repairing chips in floors, concrete, tile, nails, and more. Rock Hard Steel is reinforced with steel to make a stronger bond. Rock Hard Aqua is water resistant. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # EA 12 Box GMS3002 Rock Hard Original 8030-LL-N01-3957 EA 12 Box GMS3003 Rock Hard Steel 8040-LL-N01-3959 EA 12 Box GMS3004 Rock Hard Aqua 8030-LH-A01-3195 Patching Marked items are included in NSN Kits on the pages noted! Items marked with can be purchased through FEDMALL 85

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