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Skin Care Wash Up! -

Skin Care Wash Up! - Hand Cleaners & Soaps NSN: #4910-01-618-4290 on Pg. 20 NSN: #4940-01-640-9783 on Pg. 21 NSN: #4910-01-620-2637 on Pg. 21 Wash Up! products have everything needed to leave your hands clean. Wash Up! Tornado is an industrial hand cleaner. Wash Up! Coco Breeze is a coconut scented hand soap. Wash Up! Handful is a pink lotion soap. Wash Up! Bubblegum is a bubblegum scented hand cleaner. Wash Up! Main Squeeze is a waterless hand cleaner. Our Wash Up! line of hand soaps are USDA Certified bio based products. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # EA 4 Box GMS2202 Wash Up! Tornado, 3.55L 8520-LL-N04-2164 EA 12 Box GMS2202S Wash Up! Tornado Flip Top 8520-LL-N01-4218 EA 4 Box GMS2203 Wash Up! Coco Breeze, 3.55L 8520-LL-N04-6978 EA 12 Box GMS2203S Wash Up! Coco Breeze Flip Top 8520-LH-A01-3081 EA 4 Box GMS2204 Wash Up! Handfull, 3.55L 8520-LL-N04-6979 EA 12 Box GMS2204S Wash Up! Handfull Flip Top 8520-LH-A01-2883 EA 4 Box GMS2205 Wash Up! Bubblegum, 3.55L 8520-LL-N04-6977 EA 12 Box GMS2205S Wash Up! Bubblegum Flip Top 8520-LH-A01-2885 EA 12 Box GMS2206 Wash Up! Main Squeeze, 3.55L 8520-LL-N04-6980 EA 1 Box GMS2200E Wash Up! Dispenser Oger Soap - Foaming Hand Soap NSN: #4940-01-640-9783 on Pg. 21 NSN: #4910-01-620-2637 on Pg. 21 Oger Soap puts the power of Green Oger in a foaming hand soap. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # EA 12 Box GMS2519JR SSCB! Oger Soap Jar EA 4 Box GMS2519TB SSCB! Oger Soap Tub Pint 12 Box GMS1123P Oger Soap Pints 8520-LH-A00-1526 Gal 4 Box GMS1123G Oger Soap 8520-01-590-8942 EA 1 Box GMSE9059 Oger Soap Touchless Dispenser Marked items are included in NSN Kits on the pages noted! 86

Pocket Rocket - Portable Hand Sanitation Pocket Rocket Spray is designed specifically as a multipurpose disinfectant. Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # 24 Box GMS8007X24 Pocket Rocket Spray (24) 8520-LL-N04-6495 48 Box GMS8007X48 Pocket Rocket Spray (48) 8520-LL-N04-6247 Sanitation Station - Hand Sanitation The Sanitation Station Kit comes with 1 mount dispenser and 1 box (6, 1250 mL per box) of Germ Crusher Refills. The Sanitation Station Starter Kit comes with 1 mount dispenser and 2, 1250 mL refills. The Alcohol Free Foam Dispenser is to be used with the Alcohol Free Foam. U/M Qty. U/I Product # Product Name Stock # KT 1 KT GMS8000K Sanitation Station Kit 8520-LL-N04-2166 KT 1 KT GMS8000SK Sanitation Station Starter Kit EA 1 EA GMS8001 Sanitation Station Dispenser EA 1 EA GMS8001DT Sanitation Station Drip Tray EA 1 EA GMS8002 Sanitation Station Stand EA 6 Box GMS8004 EA 6 Box GMS8004X Germ Crusher Spray Refill (6, 1250 mL) Germ Crusher Spray Refill (6, 1000 mL) 8520-LL-N04-2165 EA 6 Box GMS8003 Alcohol Free Hand Foam 8520-LH-A00-8051 Sanitizer Items marked with can be purchased through FEDMALL 87

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