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In our ongoing effort to

In our ongoing effort to uphold the strict standards of the Department of Defense, GMS is excited to make a splash with our all new greener, meaner, and leaner Ship Shape! Cannonballs. Turn any quart bottle into a cleaning machine! One Pallet of RTU Products (Traditional Packaging): ● 4x1 gallons per box ● 50 cases per pallet ● Delivers 600 quarts of RTU product ● Requires about 67 cubic feet of space One Box of Ship Shape! Cannonballs: ● 100 Cannonballs per tub, 8 tubs per box ● Makes 800 quarts of RTU product ● Delivers 25% more product than RTU ● Requires 1.2 cubic feet of space ● Weighs 8 lbs. ● Weighs 1650 lbs. Proudly Made in the USA! 8

Ship Shape! Cannonballs in itself means the right shape and size for US Navy ships and any deploying unit in the DoD. We have spent over a decade developing this product line, hand in hand with US Navy and US Army personnel; keeping in mind the directives stated in Executive Order-13693 and the NAVSUP PRIME (Plastic Reduction In The Marine Environment) initiative. On March 30th 2015, Executive Order-13693 mandated a reduction of GHGs (Green House Emissions). Ship Shape! Cannonballs represents over a 90% reduction of Fossil Fuels in logistics and our environmentally friendly ingredients meet Executive Order-13693. The technology is simple: individual packs of green, super-concentrated cleaning compounds that will fit in the palm of your hand and make an entire quart in any bottle or container at the lowest cost. There are no other alternatives that utilize the approved green technologies, that will also soon include and incorporate sustainable BioPreferred technologies with the cleansing power, and hazmat storage footprint reduction as easy to use as the Ship Shape! Cannonballs products. Our packaging technology makes it possible to improve the efficacy of cleaning on board any ship, or deployed unit wherein use of space is mission critical, in compliance of Federal directives. Product Product Name Product # : Jar Part # : Tub Part # Stock Numbers Ship Shape! Cannonball Bio-Pack Green Oger Super Duty Degreaser GMS2800 Ship Shape! Cannonball Bio-Pack Green Oger Jr. All Surface Cleaner GMS2801 Ship Shape! Cannonball Bio-Pack Clearview Glass Cleaner GMS2802 Ship Shape! Cannonball Bio-Pack Super Natural Bowl Buster Bathroom Cleaner GMS2803 Ship Shape! Cannonball Bio-Pack Smell This! Odor Eliminator GMS2805 Ship Shape! Cannonballs Green Oger GP Cleaner GMS2506JR : GMS2506TB 7930-LH-A00-7906 (Jars) Ship Shape! Cannonballs Germ Crusher Disinfectant GMS2507JR : GMS2507TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Bowl Buster Bathroom Cleaner GMS2508JR : GMS2508TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Bowl Buster NA NA Bathroom Cleaner GMS2515JR : GMS2515TB 7930-01-625-4984 (Jars), 7930-01-625-4985 (Tubs) 7930-01-PWE-7877 (Jars), 7930-01-PWE-7878 (Tubs) Ship Shape! Cannonballs Clearview Glass Cleaner GMS2509JR : GMS2509TB 7930-LH-A00-7901 (Jars) Ship Shape! Cannonballs Mulberry Blast Mulberry Deodorizer GMS2510JR : GMS2510TB 7930-LH-A00-7907 (Jars) Ship Shape! Cannonballs Autumn Orchard Autumn Deodorizer GMS2511JR : GMS2511TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Mighty Dish Detergent Scullery/Dish Soap GMS2512JR : GMS2512TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Power Up Pre-Soak Scullery Pre-Soak GMS2513TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Ramp Up Rinse Aid Scullery Rinse Aid GMS2514JR : GMS2514TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Green Oger Jr. PRC Deck Cleaner GMS2516JR : GMS2516TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Wash This! Equipment Cleaner GMS2517TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Sizzle Grill Cleaner GMS2518JR : GMS2518TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Oger Soap Hand Soap GMS2519JR : GMS2519TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Jackhammer Lime/Scale Remover GMS2520JR : GMS2520TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Flower Power Oger GP Cleaner with Lilac Deodorizer GMS2521JR : GMS2521TB 7930-01-PWE-7922 (Jars), 7930-01-PWE-7923 (Tubs) 7930-01-665-0580 (Jars), 7930-01-PWE-7925 (Tubs) Ship Shape! Cannonballs Fantastic Lilac Lilac Deodorizer GMS2522JR : GMS2522TB 6840-01-665-3320 (Tubs) Ship Shape! Cannonballs Hamper Stamper (15 gm) Laundry Detergent GMS2523JR : GMS2523TB Ship Shape! Cannonballs Hamper Stamper (40 gm) Laundry Detergent GMS2524TB 9

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