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Flo Beauredon - Press Release -APEX 2018

Flo Beauredon - Press Release -APEX

What do you get when you cross the spirit of a Black Revolutionary and Humanitarian like Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, with a plethora of selfless contributions to the progression of Black culture and forward movement like W.E.B. Dubois and the passion and vision for equality and non-violent change like Dr. Martin Luther King? Well, if you factor in the petite dancer’s frame of a French born artist with creamy white skin, you are bound to see the beauty that is Florence Beauredon! A proud French citizen born in Trier, Germany to European parents, Alain and Roseline Beauredon, in the early 1970’s, Florence is a self-taught dynamic artist, with a flair for uplifting Black Culture and memorializing on her canvas the centuries of atrocities and abuse done to an entire race of people for no other reason than the color of their skin. She attributes her talents with acrylic and oils and a host of other raw materials to being born in a gene pool that have spawned three generations of female artists but the fire that burns bright in her soul for racial equality and justice came to her as a kindergartener in Pau, southwest of France. She recalls, “I have always been curious about other races, especially those of African American descent and one day a young black family of 4, from West Africa, moved in our neighborhood, with 2 little girls around my age. I was honored to meet them and learn the many differences in our cultures, traditions and upbringing. We quickly became the best of friends. Imagine my dismay, however, when we started school as kindergarteners at the age of 3 (French children started schooling much earlier than some cultures) and racism and discrimination reared its ugly head. My mother and Principal remembers it best but apparently one day during recess, my two best friends were being taunted and ridiculed by older bullies! Young white boys who thought making them feel unworthy and less than special was the RIGHT thing to do. Before I knew it, I picked up as many rocks as my little backpack could hold and I pelted them as hard as I could until my backpack was empty! These bullies felt the heat from my anger and ran into the office bloodied and afraid. I knew this sort of violence was not acceptable, but my three-year-old soul knew that something had to be done to protect my friends and restore their dignity. Fortunately, I was not expelled from school and quickly learned the cause and effects of unnecessary violence, subsequently, the fire inside me glowed very brightly and my light for justice for my brown friends would turn ON. Some four decades later, that fire has not been extinguished!” Fast forward to a youthful rebellion, an only child of and an Army brat, Flo’s father insisted she change her tomboy ways. Her mother, a prima ballerina, made Flo put down her paintbrushes and oils to develop a more genteel and feminine demeanor by becoming a dancer. Studying with the up and coming ballerina greats, while traveling abroad to exotic places like Djibouti Africa, Sassari Italy and Germany, Florence still possessed an unfulfilled angst to express herself artistically.

Press Release - Sem Art
Press Release - Sem Art
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