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Flo Beauredon - Press Release -APEX 2018

“The Freedom Dancer”

“The Freedom Dancer” by Florence Beauredon Grounded in her artistic expressions and love of equality for people of color, Florence set out to fill the empty gaps with true history of the Black struggle and not the fanciful fiction found in textbooks. She would happen upon the works of Alex Haley, in his depiction of the struggle, Roots. After reading his full collection in one sitting, her heart was filled with remorse, sadness but most importantly, a desire to right the wrongs and clean up the flawed untold history of the Black Experience. Her cup runneth over with beautiful works of art! “Liberty Is Not Freedom” by Florence Beauredon “Silent Scars” by Florence Beauredon

“BP-7K” (Black Power 7 Kapernick) by Florence Beauredon Armed with an arsenal of other “Fighters of Justice” such as Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X and Booker T Washington, it is no wonder Florence can identify with the powerful words of Marcus Garvey, another non-American born trumpeter and a staunch proponent for Black advancement and justice for people of color, when he said in The Tragedy of White Injustice (1972): “Black women are raped by the lordly white, In colonies, the shame ne’er reaching light: In other countries abuses are given, Shocking to morality and God’s Heaven. Hybrids and mongrels are the open result, Which the whites give us as shameful insult: How can they justify this? None can tell; Yet, crimes of the blacks are rung with a bell…” Florence Beauredon left her family in France to fulfill her dream of justice for people of color and to play out the words spoken to her by her father, upon his death from small cell cancer, “Always FIGHT for what you believe in!” Florence is being featured at an upcoming exhibit, at the APEX Museum in Atlanta, Georgia and her passion, her soul’s desire and her legacy will be on canvas, in fiery-bright oils and paints, for the entire world to witness this phenom.

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