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DRESSAGE HIGHLIGHTS 22-28 January SOUTH Bury Farm, Beds | Sparsholt College, Hants Lucy Amy’s PSG win at Sparsholt with Extra Time was a boost ahead of her international young rider appearance at Le Mans CDI. Lucy and the nine-year-old Good Times gelding (Hughie) will make their international debut later this month. She works for grand prix rider Richard Barrett. “Since working for Richard, the horses and I have learned such a lot,” she said. “Hughie is becoming more confident in indoor arenas, too — we come from Jersey, where there aren’t many.” Lucy also qualified Hughie for the advanced medium freestyle, as well as winning the elementary gold freestyle on her other horse, Rudy, who has taken a back seat while Lucy focuses on earning a place on the young rider team. At Bury Farm, Leah Beckett was also a double winner on Jacqueline West’s Sexy Back, by San Amour, in the advanced mediums, competing for the first time in six months. “She stayed with me despite gale-force winds and flagpoles rattling,” said Leah, who also won the inter I with Tony Asker’s Apple King. “Sexy’s self-carriage is so much better as she has become stronger — I was thrilled with such a good performance after time off.” Bruce Matthew’s Shamwari Debonair (De Niro x Showstar) returned to competition under Leah to finish second in the By HELEN TRIGGS advanced medium 96. “I rode him as a four-year-old for Woodlander Stud; he has been doing his licensing in Germany in the meantime,” said Leah. RESULTS BURY FARM 22 Jan: prelim 15Q silv.— 1, MK San Cero (S Hetherington) 67; 2, Cwmhafod Royal (S Mawer) 66.8; 3, Loughrea Prince (M Cooper) 65.6. brnz.— 1, Keano (J Johnson) 62.4. prelim 19Q silv.— 1eq, Silver Flintstone (S Shackleton) & Cwmhafod Royal 67.92; 3, MK San Cero 65.21. brnz.— 1, Keano 66.25. nov 22 gold.—1,New Princess (A Shirtcliffe) 73.28; 2, Donner HD (S Ward) 70.34; 3, Thybos Logan (T Reeve-Smith) 69.48. silv.— 1, Cyber Girl (P Watson-Bardot) 67.07; 2, Active Testarossa (A Shirtcliffe) 64.14. brnz.— 1, Brandy IV (C Leahy) 63.1; 2, Flypast White Gold (S Allen) 60. nov 38Q gold.—1, Donner HD 73.23; 2, New Princess 71.94; 3, Thybos Logan 68.87. silv.— 1, Cyber Girl 68.55. brnz.— 1, Brandy IV 64.84. elem 42 gold.—1, Szerafina (D Trott) 70.47. brnz.— 1, Crofters Flory (J Hussell) 62.97; 2, Katja (J Campbell) 62.66. elem 59Q gold.— 1, Szerafina 74.69; 2, Fabulous Khan (R Algar) 65.16. silv.—1, Gabiano Del Ferro (T Glen) 64.38. brnz.—1, Dassett Design (K Reddrop) 66.41; 2, Katja 61.56; 3, Crofters Flory 61.25. med 61 gold.—1, Fabulous Khan 62.07. silv.– 1, North Dancer (N Trinder) 67.93. med 73Q gold.— 1, Corona S (C Knowles) 63.38. silv.— 1, North Dancer 65.88; 2, Watteau HA (A Montague) 64.71. adv med 92 gold.— 1, Sexy Back (L Beckett) 69.46; 2, Electra 2 (A Rawlins) 67.03; 3, Shamwari Debonair (L Beckett) 64.58. silv.— 1, Watteau HA 61.08; 2, Warchild II (L Hunt) 60.68. adv med 96Q gold.— Lucy Amy and Extra Time enjoy a confidence-boosting PSG victory 1, Sexy Back 73.68; 2, Shamwari Debonair 68.68. adv 102 gold.— 1, Penhaligon’s Jupiter (J Turney) 68.09. PSG Q gold.— 1, Behroez (S Millis) 73.68; 2, Guardadamus I (M Beer) 65.66; 3, Carbo (J Giner) 63.82. silv.— 1, Disco Diva (D Hawes) 66.32; 2, Royalty (S Butchart) 64.47; 3, Wonderland (S Gordon) 61.32. brnz.—1, Everton L (E Robertson) 66.71. inter I Q gold.—1, Apple King (L Beckett) 67.63; 2, Ramazzotti 39 (B Spence) 65.39; 3, Baldovino (F Bradley) 65.26. silv.— 1, Wonderland 62.76; 2, Union (M Smockum Owen) 60.79; 3, Coole Contender (S Brener) 56.84. inter II Q gold.— 1, Furst Henrik (S Millis) 67.76; 2, Wytens (J Giner) 62.98. SPARSHOLT COLLEGE 28 Jan: prelim 19Q gold (A Duck).— 1, Painted Jewel (C Bezants) 65.62; 2, Grace IX (A Branfoot) 63.95; 3, Zaronno (L McGill) 63.75. silv.— 1, Jumpingdale Cinderella (K Warner) 65.62. brnz.— 1, Vox Pop (A Wigmore) 67.08; 2, Dhamma Fielen (K Britton) 65.83; 3, Mackintosh (A Cornell) 63.75. nov 39Q gold.— 1, Woodhams Dexter (N Gregory) 71.15; 2, Queen Of Clouds (A Francis) 69.61; 3, Virtuoso G (J Stolper) 66.53. silv.— 1, Mannin Bay (H Smith) 69.42; 2, Frank Sinatra I (C Babbs) 67.88; 3, SOS Sealpoint (K Oppenheimer) 65.57. brnz.— 1, Lesmo (C Hexton) 68.65; 2, Glenvar Prince (E Howell) 68.28; 3, Dhamma Fielen 66.34. elem 59Q gold (S Wood).— 1, Loxleys Optimism (C Speer); 2, Dragunov (Y Dadkhah) 67.34. silv.— 1, Armada Magic Cadillac (L Laughton) 68.28; 2, Candover Wishing Star (E Maxwell) 67.34; 3, Briljant (K Warner) 65.15. brnz.— 1, Mannin Bay 67.18; 2, TJ Jackson (R Herbert) 66.4; 3, Indio XXXV (A Andresen) 62.34. med 95Q gold.— 1, Knoxx’s Figaro (A Schiessl) 68.1; 2, Rudy (L Amy) 66.62. silv.— 1, Seagry Belmario (E Maskery) 64.86; 2, Da Vinci III (J Vanassche) 64.05; 3, Woodlea Farm Eleanor (S Cox) 63.91. brnz.— 1, Wessel H (G Dean) 65.94; 2, Machno Countryman (A McCall) 65; 3, Stackpole Golden Plover (B Grose) 63.91. adv med 98Q gold (F Wilson).— 1, Furo (J Stolper) 65.39. silv.— 1, Leandro II (B Sommerau) 70; 2, Haysden Woodstock (A Eastwood) 63.28. brnz.— 1, Da Vinci III 65.1; 2, Korenbloem Uptimes (L Morgan) 64.86; 3, Firenze III (S Ealson) 61.31. adv 105 gold.— 1, Fabio V (C Heap) 66.94. PSG Q silv.— 1, Extra Time (L Amy) 71.71; 2, Sheepcote Casablanca (E Cotterill) 67.36; 3, Zeilinger (Firfod) (A Bork Eppers) 66.47. brnz.— 1, Under Discussion (A Jenden) 63.68; 2, Tres Chic (T Lord) 59.32; 3, Zelador (R Butler) 56.97. inter I Q gold (H Ashley).—1, Sundance (K Rockingham-Smith) 68.55. silv.—1, Gkar (A Blount) 66.78; 2, Longstock Sinatra (L Burtenshaw) 65. inter II gold.— 1, Canhoto Laranjeira (H Lewis) 60.78. silv.— 1, El Paso Van Overis (G Maddocks) 65.78. nov FSM Q gold (A Duck).— 1, Queen Of Clouds 70.27; 2, Virtuoso G 69.44. silv.— 1, Dolores II (L Stokoe) 68.33. brnz.— 1, Lilburn (S Boulter) 64.16. elem FSM Q gold (P Watts).— 1, Rudy 77.69; 2, Loxleys Optimism 73.65. silv.— 1, G Vano (S Amos) 71.53; 2, Just The One IV (M Keen) 66.73; 3, Saris Salsa (S Goddard) 64.61. brnz.— 1, Dolores II 66.53; 2, Lilburn 53.65. adv med FSM Q silv.— 1, Extra Time 72.5; 2, Chico Too (C Sawyer) 71.5; 3, Under Discussion 69.15. PSG FSM Q gold.— 1, Canhoto Laranjeira 66.37. silv.— 1, Zeilinger Firfod 68.87; 2, Gkar 67.75. brnz.– 1, Tres Chic 62.75. SOUTH-WEST Bicton College, Devon | Stretcholt Farm, Somerset | Badgworth Arena, Somerset A horse who was given a 5% chance of recovery after a severe foot infection won an elementary at Bicton College. After 13-year-old Camills Walter stood on a fence nail which went into his coffin joint, he was put on an intravenous antibiotic drip. “The wound was pressureflushed every 48 hours, but it took 10 days before he showed any signs of improving,” said Debbie Summerfield, who rode him at Bicton. “He had 12 weeks box rest before we had any idea whether he would be sound again.” Debbie keeps Camills Walter, by Maximillian Voltucky, at livery at Bicton as, after three hip By ANNABEL KERBY replacement operations, she no longer has full use of her left leg. Geography teacher Kathryn Oldfield and her 12-year-old coloured cob, Lion Heart Xanthius Of Phthia, headed both the elementary silver and medium bronze freestyle tests at Stretcholt. Kathryn bought him as a foal with an inheritance from her grandmother. “I was 18 and fell in love with ‘I fell in love with him as a foal in the field’: medium victors Kathryn Oldfield and Lion Heart Xanthius Of Phthia are aiming for PSG him in the field. I’m hoping we’ll do our first PSG this year,” said Kathryn, who created her floorplan and music compilation. Millfield pupil Bronte Monks, 13, who is trained by Pammy Hutton, won both novices at Badgworth Arena on her eightyear-old Cuffesgrange Lord Admiral, who is being aimed at British Eventing pony trials. “I’d love Bronte to become a dressage rider as I won’t even walk the cross-country courses — they scare me,” said Bronte’s mother, Jenni. H&H Pictures by and ESP Photography 54 Horse & Hound 8 February 2018

BREEDINGLife Please sent your Sport horse Breeding stories to @pollybryan Lynne Crowden is recognised for her contribution to British breeding, and Patrik Kittel takes on the triple world young horse champion for training Crowden honoured with lifetime award WOODLANDER STUD’S Lynne Crowden was a popular winner of the Stallion AI Services Meritoire Lifetime Achievement award at the British Breeders’ awards dinner in London on 13 January. The outcome was kept a secret until the end of the night, when Lynne was full of surprise and emotion at receiving the award. “I’m very honoured. The biggest surprise was that Carsten [Sandrock, Woodlander Stud’s head rider] managed to keep it a secret!” said Lynne, breeder of double world young horse champion Farouche, as well as record-breaking stallion Wild Child. “I was also a little worried as ‘Such an exciting journey’: Lynne Crowden accepts her lifetime achievement award from Stallion AI’s Tullis Matson usually a lifetime achievement award means that you’re at the end, and I really don’t feel like that. It’s been such an exciting journey — when I began I had no sense of how far away the finish line was because I didn’t even know I was in the race. I just started off doing the best I could.” With her husband Dave, Lynne has bred more than 400 foals, with a particular focus on the very best damlines. Woodlander’s progeny have dominated the Futurity scheme in recent years, with the three-year-old Gloria the highest scoring Futurity entrant of 2017, and Wild Love being judged the year’s top two-year-old. “Farouche winning the world young horse championships was game-changing from a breeding point of view — we were quite well known in the UK then, but it gave us an international presence,” Lynne told H&H. “Without Farouche we wouldn’t be on our current journey with Wild Child.” Kittel takes on Sezuan training Sezuan (Zack x Don Schufro) is now in training with Swedish Olympian Patrik Kittel SWEDISH Olympic dressage rider Patrik Kittel has taken over the training of triple world young horse champion Sezuan. The nine-year-old Zack x Don Schufro son was ridden by German Olympian Dorothee Schneider until her collaboration with the stallion’s owners Gestüt Peterhof ended last November. “Currently we are evaluating every option for [Sezuan’s] further schooling. The stallion is top fit and there is a worldwide demand [for] the stallion. Patrik Kittel is supporting us in the training,” said the Peterhof stud’s Arlette Jasper-Kohl and Edwin Kohl in a statement. The international rider, who helped Sweden claim team bronze at the Gothenburg Europeans in August, will present Sezuan at Peterhof’s upcoming stallion show on 10 February, as well as in Vechta on 18 February and on the gala evening of the Danish stallion licensing in Herning on 10 March. Patrik has posted several videos on his social media channels of the nine-year-old displaying impressive grand prix work, though it is unconfirmed whether he will continue the stallion’s competition career. Under Dorothee, Sezuan claimed the world young horse championship in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and has since scored more than 80% at international small tour level. H&H IN BRIEF OLYMPIC STALLIONS ON DISPLAY BIG STAR, Chilli Morning, Arko III and Jaguar Mail will be among the stallions lining up for the inaugural Competition Stallions Event at Addington Manor on 18 February. Sixty top competition stallions will be presented, and can be viewed in the warm-up and in the stables. Other sires on display will include Ramiro B, Caretino Glory and T Movistar. The event will also feature the Competition Stallions Awards, which recognise sires of progeny assessed during the 2017 British Equestrian Federation Futurity evaluations. For information and tickets visit TOP TITLE FOR SIRES DUTCH stallions Vivaldi, Johnson, Painted Black and Rousseau will be awarded preferent sire status — the highest title a stallion can earn — at the KWPN licensing in ‘s Hertogenbosch on 2 February. Johnson, by Jazz, won gold with the Dutch team at the 2015 Europeans and team bronze at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in 2014. He is the sire of the exciting upcoming stallion Bretton Woods. Painted Black, by Gribaldi, first competed with Anky van Grunsven, then at London 2012 and the 2014 WEG with Spain’s Morgan Barbançon Mestre. Among the Krack C son Vivaldi’s offspring are Charlotte Dujardin’s four-time national champion Mount St John VIP and Madeleine Witte-Vrees’ 2017 Europeans ride Cennin, plus licensed stallions Desperado, Dream Boy, Chinook, Expression and Eye Catcher. Rousseau, by Ferro, is the sire of successful stallions Blue Hors Zack and Ampere, as well as Patrick van der Meer’s grand prix ride Zippo. FAREWELL TO... THE elite mare Annabel (De Niro x Romancier) has died aged 21. The liver chestnut was bred in Germany by Rolf Klockgether and acquired as a foal by the Jansens. She produced 13 foals, including the KWPN-licensed Jazz son President’s Chagall D&R, now competing at international small tour with Patrick van der Meer; the Johnson son Bretton Woods and the AES-approved Totilas son Gaudi. Pictures by Craig Payne Photography and courtesy of Gestüt Peterhof 8 February 2018 Horse & Hound 55

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