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RCCDO April 12 Bulletin

The Official Publication of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE President Tonyboy Fernandez M y Fellow Rotarians , We are nearing our 70th Year Anniversary and I hope you will find time to attend and fellowship with us. 70 years is a milestone for the “GREATEST “ Club and we all hope to see you there. Our chairman , PAG JohnMark and Ann PP Ching Sarraga together with the various committees are already busy with the preparations. I even have confirmations from some Zone 1 Presidents that they are coming to the occasion. And as always , when the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro parties , it’s the BEST. I had a video chat with VP Julius Dulfo and I am so happy that the board will convene for our monthly meeting. It just goes to show the health of the club. Other than the various activities lined up for the remainder of the year , we will also give emphasis to the preparations of the big projects which we approved for next year. These are the Starkey Hearing Project and Project Smile with the Australian -New Zealand Interplast Team . Both organisations have agreed to their involvement with our club in the RY 2018- 2019. I would like to also appeal to each of you to register for the District Conference to be held this May 11-13 ,2018 at the Limketkai Luxe Hotel. The host club, RC Kalayaan has promised us a good and exciting conference. The fellowship nights have been well planned to include a dance contest for the clubs that are interested. I have sent the guidelines to the board for their perusal. But more importantly , Lets support DG Linda Deleste ad her club. Finally , May I remind our fellow Rotarians of our obligations to the club. We need your support. Thank you and see you soon. 5

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