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RCCDO April 12 Bulletin

The Official Publication of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro


SECRETARY’S COLUMN Secretary Neil Ronard J. Que C ongratulations everyone for the very high attendance rate last April 5! 37 of us attended the meeting, 5 of which were prospects invited by PDG Tinnex and other Rotarians! We even had an induction of a returning Rotarian. It was a pleasure to be part of a regular meeting that turned out to be very dynamic. We hope you will continue to scout for prospects as we strive to achieve the challenge of PDG Tinnex to reach 70 from 58 by our 70th anniversary on April 22. There is still time! APRIL 2018 MILESTONES BIRTHDAYS (A[RIL 09-15) 10—ANN PP SARAH HIPONA 10—ANN PP DORIS LAGROSAS 13—ANN GLORIA SEE WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES (APRIL 09-15) 12—RTN JUN & ANN RAE SARMIENTO We also would like to thank Incoming Director Ben Booc for providing the drone camera for our aerial photoshoot after the meeting. Thank you also to all who donned a barong and endured the toasty summer noon sun on top of the new LKK parking building. I’m very sure our efforts will be rewarded with a wonderful video presentation on our 70th Anniversary. Godbless everyone! 7

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