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SFX: SUSPENSFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS DAVE (V.O.) Some names have been changed to protect the innocent. KERRY Kerry O’Neill is a 28 year old writer, performer, and dog mother living in the small town of Los Angeles, California. She is a gorgeous brunette with a striking smile, and someone her peers look up to. After a particularly hard break up, Kerry took a year off from dating, but had just begun dipping her toes back in the water. On Monday, October 30th 2017, Kerry went to her weed trimming job during the day. After the trim was over, Kerry went home to prepare her dog his home-cooked food. At 10:17pm she received a text message from the man she had been casually dating since August that would change everything. SLIDE: TEXT MESSAGE #1 KERRY (CONT’D) A truly chilling text to receive... SLIDE: TEXT MESSAGE #2 KERRY (CONT’D) Call it a woman’s intuition but this is a text back from a woman who knows something has gone wrong.... Drastically wrong. SFX: SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS KERRY (CONT’D) Kerry and “SHAWN” met when Kerry moderated a panel he was speaking on. They had a really great back and forth banter that had the entire audience of about 300 people laughing. So it was only natural that later that night when he asked her out she said yes. (MORE)

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