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2. KERRY (CONT’D) They

2. KERRY (CONT’D) They stayed up half the night messaging on every social media platform you could imagine, then exchanged numbers and started texting. It was only a matter of time until they’d go on their first date, which he got the ball rolling on. SLIDE: TEXT MESSAGE #3 KERRY (CONT’D) Their first date ended with an awkward kiss in the backseat of a Lyft... but it was enough to seal the deal of a second date. Over the course of the next couple of months they’d have dinner and drinks at such Hollywood hot spots as Salazar, Zebulon, Everson Royce, Commissary, The Walker Inn, Little Dom’s, Kettle Black, and Sawyer to name a few. On the surface, everything seemed fine, but deep down, something wasn’t right. Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) (as herself now) It just took us a while to warm up to each other each date... there was no picking up where we’d left off. The dates were also just very... rigid. Like, we’d always go to dinner, then go somewhere nearby for drinks, THEN we’d go back to his place and make out. After a while it was weird that we weren’t kissing before the end of the night, you know? SFX: SUSPENSE MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS KERRY (CONT’D) That’s when Kerry decided to confide in a mutual friend, who we’ll call “Tallison”. Tallison was a former friend and co-worker of “SHAWN”s. They’d had a falling out but she didn’t have anything bad to say about him. Kerry took this as a good sign... until the bomb was dropped.

3. Kerry switches seats again. KERRY (CONT’D) We were having brunch when she told me... He hadn’t seriously dated anyone since college. Furthermore, in the six years that she’d known him, the longest that he’d dated anyone was ONE GIRL for ONE MONTH before he called it off. She told me that from what he said about her, she seemed completely normal and it was his own thing why he was breaking up with her. SFX: SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS KERRY (CONT’D) Any one else would have taken this has a huge red flag. But not Kerry. Kerry switches seats again. KERRY (CONT’D) Well, when I very carefully breached the topic to him, he was open and honest about it, so I felt like it was fine. Plus, I was like, putting him in my Instagram stories and stuff... I figured if he was gonna be scared away that would do it... and it didn’t. KERRY (CONT’D) But did it? Kerry takes out a corkboard of screenshots, yarned together. KERRY (CONT’D) Over the course of their two month relationship, SHAWN appeared on her Instagram story three times. Once at a trendy Silverlake mural, once on his couch playing with her dog, Frank, and once during their last date. We’ve blacked his face out for protection but, he looks very happy in the first two, not too happy in the last one. But before we get into that last date, we have one of Kerry’s close friends and confidant’s, Lyndsey Frank, here to talk about Kerry’s dating history and what she thought about “SHAWN”

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