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4. SFX: SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS Enter Lyndsey. Kerry asks about what Lyndsey knew of Kerry’s dating history, says “so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that she’d ignore some red flags” then asks about whay Lyndsey thought about David. Lyndsey exits. KERRY (CONT’D) Interesting. When I interviewed some of Kerry’s other friends about SHAWN, here’s what they had to say. SFX: SUPERCUT OF COMMENTARY Dave enters. KERRY (CONT’D) But, despite all of this, they kept hanging out. Things heated up a bit. They started sleeping together, and it was good. And, according to Kerry, they were constantly flirting via text. To verify that information, I’ve invited dating expert and author of the book “Dealbreaker: The Definitive List of Dating Offenses” which is on sale in the lobby behind one copy of that Rob Corddry paintball movie, Dave Horwitz. KERRY (CONT’D) Lovely to have you here. So, what do we make of these texts? SLIDE: TEXT MESSAGE #4 Dave will comment and ask for the next slide when ready. SLIDE: TEXT MESSAGE #5 Dave will comment and ask for the next slide when ready. SLIDE: TEXT MESSAGE #6 Dave exits. KERRY (CONT’D) Thank you, Dave. Raw, Honest, Insightful. SFX: SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS.

5. KERRY (CONT’D) Kerry was worried that things weren’t moving forward in the relationship, that they felt stilted. She even debated breaking things off, but then all of the sudden SHAWN started doing things like inviting her to meet his friends, kissing her and holding her hand at the beginning of dates, texting her more frequently. Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) I started to really like him because he was sending me signals that he really liked me. Kerry switches back. KERRY (CONT’D) Here’s where things really take a turn. Late night on October 21st, 2017, SHAWN and Kerry met up after a Diwali party for drinks. They went back to his place and proceeded to have consensual sex, as usual. But this time, it wasn’t usual. The condom broke. Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) It was really funny actually, he was super great about it. We went to the Silverlake CVS to get a Plan B pill, but they were out. So we had to drive to Koreatown. He was a total gentleman, let me wait in the car while he bought it, and took me home. The next day I was suuuuper sick, it really effected me. Kind of shitty because I guess everyone’s different and it doesn’t effect people that bad usually. KERRY (CONT’D) But it effected Kerry. She had horrible cramps, a low grade fever, and general malaise. (MORE)

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