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6. KERRY (CONT’D) SHAWN checked in on her and asked if she needed anything, she declined and said she’d be fine, just needed a day to recover. About an hour later she received THIS E- MAIL! SLIDE: POSTMATES E-MAIL KERRY (CONT’D) SHAWN had sent her a $50 Postmates giftcard. She wasn’t sure what to make of this. It certainly made her feel uncomfortable, but should it have? Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) I guess I’m bad at receiving gifts in general so I was trying not to make a big deal of it... I think I ended up texting him “Omg! You didn’t have to do that, but thank you!” I couldn’t tell if it was weird that he sent the Postmates giftcard or if I was making it weird. Kerry switches seats back. KERRY (CONT’D) Postmates. Your day just got awesome with Postmates. Postmates delivers quality food from just restaurant in your area right to your front door. At the touch of a button have your favorite meal delivered to your door with Postmates. Use the code EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE 1 to get 10% off your first delivery. SFX: SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS. KERRY (CONT’D) So, was the Plan B incident the beginning of the end, or was the relationship doomed from the start? Let’s talk about Kerry and “SHAWN”s last date. (MORE)

7. KERRY (CONT’D) She showed up at his house during the 7th inning of Game 4 of the World Series- which may seem insignificant now, but remember that. It was his birthday a few days earlier, and she wasn’t sure if she should get him a gift or not... Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) I didn’t wanna get him anything too big, because it had only been a couple months, you know? But also he was paying for expensive dinners most of the time, like $150-$200 range, so I didn’t want to get him something cheap. While we were dating he had bought and moved into a new home and I’d already bought him a beautiful succulent arrangement that my friend Matt Cordova’s dad made as a housewarming gift. SLIDE: SUCCULENT ARRANGEMENT SLIDE: TEXT ABOUT SUCCULENT ARRANGEMENT KERRY (CONT’D) So, I ended up getting him soap. Kerry switches back. KERRY (CONT’D) $135 dollars worth of soap from the luxury store AESOP. SLIDE: RECEIPT FOR SOAP. Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) We had this sort of inside joke--- he had been using face wash that his mom put in his upstairs bathroom as hand soap. I knew it was face wash but didn’t say anything for like two weeks. When I finally told him, he insisted it was hand soap but then the next day he said he looked into it and it was face wash after all. So I got him three fancy soaps from Aesop with a note that said “FOR HANDS”.

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