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Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School REPORT It has been such a privilege and honour this year to lead a dynamic and progressive Senior School. It has certainly been a successful year for our students and staff in so many domains. Mrs Juliette Siemsen Head of Senior School OXFORD FALLS GRAMMAR SCHOOL 2017 YEARBOOK This success is the result of dedicated and professional teachers who continue to go above and beyond for our students. This is evident in the opportunities offered to our students in attending the overseas mission trip, History tour, public speaking competitions, debating, co-curricular dance eisteddfods, national sports representation, music recital night, music eisteddfods, HSC showcase, the outreach program; the list is endless. To the teaching staff, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for the provision of the highest quality of teaching to engage our students in active and creative learning environments. I also value the partnerships we have with our parents in educating and supporting our students. This is a remarkable School community who genuinely want the best for each other and seek to value-add in so many ways. Our positive reputation continues to thrive and I proudly promote our School as a place that offers our students holistic twenty-first century learning experiences with the best practices in wellbeing and pastoral care. We take pride in truly knowing our students and equipping them with the skills to lead successful, Christ-centred lives. We are so proud of the students who graduated this year, they are exceptional young men and women of great character. Our student numbers are healthy and continue to grow, and I am thrilled to welcome another stream into Year 7 in 2018. Our Quality Teacher Program continues to inspire and professionally develop our staff in regular sharing and learning teams. The focus this year has been on Building Learning Power: Learning behaviours based on the 3Cs model: Cognition, Collaboration and Commitment. The model has provided a toolkit for teachers to discuss, demonstrate and design their lessons to incorporate the 3C model and build strong, positive learning behaviours in our students. This common language and instruction has improved student engagement and learning outcomes in our classrooms. Dr Marks has customised this unique program at OFGS to help the staff encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and build solid learning behaviours for life. I sincerely thank Dr Susan Marks, Director of Teaching and Learning, for her direction and dedication to the program and for fostering a love of learning in all staff. We offer a comprehensive academic program at OFGS that is so ably managed under the stewardship of Mr Paul Arena. Thank you to our Director of Curriculum who ensures we meet NESA standards in all subjects, ensures students’ academic programs are engaging and appropriate and drives the innovative curriculum on offer at our School. Thank you to Mr Arena and the Heads of Department for providing such creative and engaging curriculum for our Senior School students across every KLA. The area of Wellbeing has developed and grown this year under the tutelage of Director of Wellbeing, Mrs Penelope Turnbull, her stellar team of Year Advisors and the counsellors. The Wellbeing program has been given deliberate time in the daily timetable so that important themes around student mental health, study skills, and positive social and learning behaviours can be learnt and discussed. This program has added such a positive opportunity for students to discuss important topics and issues relevant to them with their teacher Mentors and their respective Year groups. Thank you to Penelope and her team for the implementation of a significant and relevant wellbeing program. Many thanks to the 2017 student leadership team: Captains Aimee McIntyre and Joshua Spiller, Vice Captains Remy Siemsen and Ben Turner, and Prefects Isabella Luciani, Hannah Borg, Lea Gleitsmann, Lucy Laidlaw, Elyse Morris, Ella Stannard, Francesca Mays, Finn Ruby Dawe, Nathan McDonald and Milan Kruger, for the time and effort they have given to their portfolios this year to assist and support staff and the student body. The student leaders have been generous in their leadership and leave an important legacy of service in our School. It has been a very full and rewarding year in the Senior School and I look forward to leading and taking the Senior School to greater heights and accomplishments in 2018. Mrs Juliette Siemsen Head of Senior School 6

Head of Junior School REPORT 2017 in the Junior School has been full, fun and fast. A major focus once again was thankfulness. Mrs Amy Corrigan Head of Junior School Staff and students regularly discussed the importance of being thankful for others, to lift up and encourage them, and also as a positive habit for each of us to demonstrate. Our students also spent time discussing the concept of ‘Love is a Verb’. This topic was discussed in particular detail during Christian Studies and during class time, with encouraging and exciting results. Classes enjoyed working on personal goals to show that ‘Love is a Verb’. I was impressed with the range of ideas the children came up with. These included: ‘Thankful Ninjas’, whole classes raised money for local community members, some classes wrote thank-you notes to people in our School and to others. Staff in the Junior School have enjoyed professional development and additional resources to support our ongoing Literacy focus. This year the Buddy Reading program was introduced. This highly successful scheme has not only fostered a genuine love of reading but has also positively affected playground interactions between students of varying ages. This year we celebrated Book Week and loved the pleasure our students and staff have taken in reading new and interesting stories. The culminating event for this fun week was the first K–6 Book Parade and teacher Reader’s Theatre. The students brought an amazing selection of characters and stories to the Parade as we watched buddy classes walk together reflecting on this focus, I remembered a quote by a favourite author, C S Lewis, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” A great reminder of the joy that can be found in reading for all ages. This year many talented students in our School achieved heights we had not seen before. More than 450 students attended sports carnivals of varying levels, breaking all sorts of records. Our Swimming Carnival, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals continue to provide opportunities for students to push themselves and achieve goals. Students have had the privilege of trialling for CIS sporting teams or representing the School in PISA. Our NAPLAN results were a good reflection of the hard work of staff and students alike, with both Year 3 and Year 5 results s above State and AIS averages. Student teams won prizes in a range of competitions including Tournament of the Minds, and a gifted Year 5 team was awarded second place in the 2017 University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize. Years 3–6 participated in their annual camps this year. For many students this is their first overnight adventure and all the camps were a great success. We are so proud of each student and the resilience they demonstrated in tackling what is sometimes a tricky first step. I thoroughly enjoyed my time visiting the students and staff at each camp – I witnessed students and teachers enjoying the flying fox, the crate climb, BMX riding, rock climbing and more. A huge thank you to our dedicated staff who sacrifice time with their families (and sometimes tiny, new babies!) to be there, it was obvious from all the smiling faces it was much appreciated. The Year 6 students have served the School so well in their various leadership roles throughout the year. For the first time, every student in Year 6 elected a portfolio area to serve the School in as a leader. These portfolios included a Community, Ministry, Creative focus. Our Year 6 students once again proved to be caring and compassionate mentors and buddies to their peers and will be greatly missed as they move on to Year 7 next year. We have a group of dedicated Junior School student leaders who have run lunchtime clubs for interested peers and sacrificed their time to contribute to the School community. Student leaders enjoyed receiving training and attending a student leadership conference to learn about the qualities of an effective leader. Each year our goal is to see each and every student grow and learn in a positive environment. A 2017 Oxford Falls Grammar School student had opportunities throughout the year to display and work on qualities such as diligence, servant-heartedness, respect, to develop in their Faith, knowledge and love of God. I am impressed by the passion and dedication our students exhibit in their commitment to their academic and personal interests and we look forward to another great year ahead. Mrs Amy Corrigan Head of Junior School OFFICIAL REPORTS HEAD OF JUNIOR SCHOOL REPORT 7

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