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Bay Harbour: April 11, 2018


A DETAIL DESIGN 50% 2015-03-06 B REVISED DETAIL DESIGN 50% FOR APPROVAL 15-05-2015 C FINAL DETAILED DESIGN 29-05-2015 D FOR BUILDING CONSENT 05-11-2015 E TENDER NTT1 11-11-2015 1 FOR CONSTRUCTION COORDINATION 01-04-2016 2 FOR CONSTRUCTION 02-06-2016 3 FOR CONSTRUCTION 23-06-2016 Rev Revision Description Designed Drawn Checked Approved Date Sheet Scales SCALE @ A1= Original Size SCALE @ A1= Project Number DO NOT SCALE OFF THIS DRAWING CONTRACTOR MUST VERIFY ALL DIMENSIONS ON SITE BEFORE COMMENCING ANY WORK Project Title Christchurch City Status Drawing Number Revision Page 10 WEDNESDAY APRIL 11 2018 BaY HaRBOUR Latest Christchurch news at 23/06/2016 3:29:15 p.m. C:\Revit\214010_Super stop CHCH Site layout_V2015_kmd.rvt 05-05-2014 This design is based on generally accepted practices and standards at the time it was prepared. No other warranty, expressed or implied, is made. It is prepared in accordance with the scope of work and for the purpose outlined in the contract dated: No responsibility is accepted for use of any part of this design in any other context or for any other purpose. This drawing is subject to copyright. FOR CONSTRUCTION 214010 AN ACCESSIBLE CITY-SUPERSTOPS MANCHESTER ST EAST - LOOKING NORTH EAST FOR CONSTRUCTION A-04-080 3

WEDNESDAY APRIL 11 2018 Latest Christchurch news at BaY HaRBOUR Page 11 Northbound lane Cycle lane