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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

.. 13 All .otion depends

.. 13 All .otion depends ul t1mately on the Pr1Jne Mover, God. Wherl'Ver there i. motion, the aover must be in some manner present to the object moved. S1l10e God 11 the Prime Kover, and motion is round eTerywbere in the uni- . 1- 4'7 Terse, God must be everywhere present. It is not as part ot the essenoe of the thing moved that God 11 present but aa the effioient cause or the m.otion and of the being of the objeot. As Prime Kover, God 11 the cause or the becoming or a thing and He is present r it in that aense. God is allo the cause of i tl continuance in being. Since God 11 the cause in tieri and alao the cause.!!..!!.!.!. of all created things, He ls present to all existing things;--therefore, He is present everywhere. li 1'0 sum upc We have seen how St. thoma., from the uniTersal evidence of motion, reasoned to the necessary exi.tence of a 'ir.t Mover. As the first principle of all .otion, the First MOver must be uu.oved, 1 •••• ~ mutable. beooming. 2he first efficient cause of all becoming .st be being without !his iaautable Being 11 God. Prom the 1JBtutabil1ty ot God, we deduce His attributes of eternity and infinitl. Containing not the shadow or possibility of change, God is without potentiality of any kind. !heretore, God is t.aaterial, incorpo­ !!!!, ~-oOlllposite. or ai.ple, and absolutely.!!!.. Beoau •• God 11 Pure Act, Hi. essenoe i. not di.tinct from Hia existence. I thus has St. !homas led u., trom the evidence or motion, sensible evidence, to the rea.oned conolusion that God exists. Wherever there is 19St. thoma., Summa theologica, I a, q. 8, art. 3, cor.1 God is in all thing. by Hi. power, inasmuch a. all thlngs are subjeot to His power, He i, by Hi. presence in all things, as all thing. are bare and open to Hi. eyes, He i, in all thinga by Hi. e •• enoe, inasmuoh aa He is pre.ent to all a. the oause ot their being.

.' finite or oonting.nt, th.r. God give. u •• ot Hi. Being, tor He i. pr.sent to Hia oreaturea, aa the Fir.t Prinoiple of their beooming 14: and allo of their oontinuanoe in being. Cr.atur.1 .xi.t, th.r.for. God existl. All oreaturea give evideno. of the .xi8teno. of God, to rational , .. .,, te.timoni •• are ".xo.edingly or.dible".20 !h. or •• tur. i •• 0 far removed from its First Cause, th.t, in oompari80n with God it can scaroely be laid to be •• Y.sterday it wal not, today it i •• tomorrow it may have pasl.d out of it. pre.ent state of being forever. All finite .xist.nce is oontingent and •••• nti.lly limited, .very oreatur. from the least to the greatelt, oould cono.ivably not be. And yet it i. the ot the finite that t •• tifi.s to the .xistenoe ot the Intinite. It 18 trOll knowl.dg. ot the ore.tur. IS imperfect that we ril. to knowledge of Him Who is til. pl.nitud. ot pert.ction, the tull- ness ot BeiDg. And sine. God .!!. ess.ntially, linoe God il Being !..!!. we know that Hia aod. ot .x18teno. mult be r.acved trom that ot Ht. oreature.,.. by the ditterence between Intini te and tini t.. We know, th.r.fore, that, unlite Hil oreaturel who.e partioipation in being is e.sentially limited, God, the Being, i. ~, is!!! tinite, is ~2~ I o~oli te, is ~ aterial, is ~.! body, is ~ anitold, is not restrioted by l1a1tation. ot either Hil .slence or Hi •• xistenve. 2Opsalm!£!!, ver.e 1 f D1y testimoni.s are made .xceedingly or.di ble.

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