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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

19 goodD •••,

19 goodD •••, lit., intell1g •• oe, wi.doat truth. Pur. pert.otio •• arl' pre41- oated ot God torma1l7J that i., th.y are .aid to be iD God, rith the •••• n­ tial oharacteristio. .tated in d.thi tin. !he pure' p.rt.otion, !.! - . .uGh, i. what prop.rly and iDtriD.ioally oon.titute. Divine Being, this ;;. ..... impli •• that the ... r in whiob the pert.otiOD i. po ...... d b7 God i. tar reJllOT.d troll the 1aperteot .... r iD whioh til. or.atuN haa tile .ame pert.oti01l. 6 W. predi .. te the pure pert.otioD ot botll the oNature and God, but we reIIOn trom the idea ot the p.rt.otio. tile 1apert.ot __ or iD 1Ihioh it i, tOUJ1d 111 the oreatureJ we .ay 'that God po ••• ss •• the pert.otion .JI1Deat17J that i., in a a&DIl.r s..-a.urably hlgh.r than that prop.r to the oreatare's tinite .xisteDoe.S Oar knowl.dge ot pure p.rt.otion. is GOnd! tion.d 'b7 the obj.ot iD _loh we di.oOYer •• th .., •• g., beir1§, goo ...., or 111tell1rao.. Still, .a r.gards what is .ignitied 'by the J1&Jle, !! goodD ••• , or in_lUgeno., or &DJ other pure pert •• tlOll .pprehended 'by u' iD it. tiai t. 11117 ,... 6 J070e, G. H., hbeipl •• 2! .atval ttl.olORt Lonc-a' Gre •• ., Co., London, 1921, p. 118, tootnote, A. thing is .aid to oontab • perteotiOD to .... 117, when the pert •• tioD in .... tiOJl i. to\'lJld 111 it with the ....... eatia1 oharaoteri.tie. whioh are expre ••• d 111 the detini ti011. It eon_iD. it ea1Jl.Jlt17, whe11 tho pert.etia .xi... iD it m &Jl altogeth.r higher muner, i. 'lIG wi •• that the .... d.t1Biti01l i. 110t v.riti.d i11 the two oa •••• I 6St. tb ...., 8 .... !h.ologiea, I a, q. 11, art ••, 8Or •• • •• our knowledge ot God i, a.rind trOll the p.rt.otio •• whiob tlow troa lila to onature., whioh p.rt.otio •• are mOod 111 a 110" ea1D .. t 11117 than b ore. tar •••

20 ot existing, it 11 JD.C)re properly predicated ot God than it 11 ot 1!le oreature, it belong. to the oreature only by way ot participation. As r.~ard8 the ~ ot pr.dication. howeTer, the tara good or intelligent applies pri.arily to the tinit. obj.ot., (good book, intellig.nt child), trom whioh -. we acquir.d our idea ot th. p.rt.ction.' What are tho •• Tariou8 name8. d.riTed trom God' •• rtect., formally predioated of God becau •• they name perteoti~ that are intrin.ic to the nature ot God' God is the tullne •• ot Being. He ia "supr ... l,. bein!;".8 1'0 him au.t belong the tran.cende.tal propertie. ot being !.!.~, JlUlely, unity, truth and goodne ... All being i. ~ood. But the goodn.s. ot cr.ated being i. partioipat.d while God i. good in Tirtue ot H18 ••• enc •• 9 He 18 not aerely good, He 18 'St. Thomas, Summa !neologica, I a, q. IS, art. S, cor., !neretore a. to the nam •• appli.d to God, are two thing. to b.'Y1z., the p.rt.otion. which they lignify •• uch as goodnes., li~ and the like, and their mode ot .ignifioation. As r.gard. what i. signifi.d by the name., they belong properly to God, and JIOre prop.rly than they belong to oreature., and are appli.d priarily to Him. But a. r.gards mod. of lignifioation. they do not properly and .trictly apply to God, for their _ode of .ignitioation applie. to or.ature •• 8St• Tho ..., Contra Gent., I, ohap. ziii, p. SS. ... !!. .omethiig"that .!.!. .upr •• ll bei.g. And this we call God. 9 St. Thoma., 8uaaa !heologioa, I a, q. 6, art. S, oor.t God ••• i. good e •• entialiy. For 8Terything .il call.d good acoording to ita pert.ction. God ••• ha •• Tery kind of p.rtection by Hi. own .S8.nce; ther.fore He Him.elf ••• i. ~ood .s.entially. • I St. Thoma., Contra Gent., I, ohap. XXXTiii, p. 84r That which i. oan pe:rtI'oipate .omething. but being it •• lt oan participate nothing. becau.e that whioh participat •• i. potentiality, wh.r.a. being i8 act. .ow, God i. being it •• lt •••• fher.tore. H. i8 good not by partioipation, but •• sentially.

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