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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

21 gooane •• tt.elt.

21 gooane •• tt.elt. •• Ue i. intrinlicall,. good, Be hal .au.ed Wil ett.ot. to .hare in Hi. poem ••• ~ giTing them .xi.tenoe or aotu.l beiag wi til the pert.ction prop.r to thea.10 .... , All thing •• re ~. But of' God it IlUS~ be .aid H. is intinit.l,. true, !!.!!. truth it.elt. !ruth •• a diTiA. attribute will be .,ok.n ot in •....n.t gpe.ter d.tail in oonn.ctioa with the diTine attribute ot knowledg •• III naaing God tro. Bi. cr.atur ••, •• we do when we ••,. He ia Being. or B. 18 good, the word. being or cood •• ta.,. .Ppl7 iIo God, can Dot .. an ... otl,. Wh.t th.,. _an when th.,. .... pr.dic.ted ot the or.attlre. 1he or •• ture 18 and God iaJ 'between the lIII&DIl.r in whioh the or.atur. po .......: being and God' •• xisten.e_er. 1. an iatt.ite ditterenoe. ExisteDoe i ••• sential to God. Aotual oxietenoe on the part of' the or.atur. is depend.nt OIl -D7 taotors and each ot th ••• t.otor. d.Pends ul1d._tely upon God. It .... oons1d.r our id.a. ot good, we tind that, although the7 originated in or.ated objeota, they do not .lwa7' ha.... the .... ..aning ..... n a. the7 .PP17 to or.atur... A word like h\1Mll ia inftriable in _aning; 1t 01lD 'be detined lOSt. tnomaB, Contra Gent., I, oh.p. xxx ... 1i, p. S$, tne b •• towal ot being and goodne •• proo.ed. troa goodn ••••••• Por the good ot a thing i. natur.ll,. it. aot and perfection. Bo. a thing .ct. through being 111 •• t. IlDd D7 .otlng 1t 'bestow. being and goodness OD other thine ••••• Again, the notion ot the good i. that 1 t ia .0000tb.lng appetlble s and this 1a IlD end. And ta •• nd JIlOYe. the agent to aot. Bence good is sald 1;0 be dlttu.l ... e ot .elt and "';inf. .011', this ditfus·lon 1a beoomng to Gods tor it hi. bi.n 'iii0iii":"7. tiii't • • the o.u.e ot b.1Jlg in oth.r things • ••• St. !boma., Sua.a !heologioa, I ., q. 6, art. f, oor.1 lYer,.'thing 1. ther.tore called good troa the dlTine goo •••••••• tro. the flrst .:naplar,. eftecti ... e and tinal praciple ot all goodn •••• I

22 in teras ot genul and ditt.rence. Becaus. it p.ralt. ot logioal ditinition it is called a univocal tera. Words like being, goodn ••• , and truth are non-aivocall th.y transcend and includ. all g.n.ra; th.retor., they -1' be us.d to .ignity thing. that ditt.r •••• ntially. !h. word, goodn •••, tor ..; .xampl., doe. not indicate any sp.citio nature ., do.s the word animal or -man. Until we predioate good ot a p.rticul.r thing, we do not know ex.otl, wh.t 11 Mant. Por example, aston. -1' be t\rJIl.d good in the ontological order, tor the .tone i. po •••••• d et being. A tree or a horse -1' be call.d good~_ in the phyaioal ord.r. It the word good 11 pndio.ted ot a .an, the reterenoe ia usually to the mor.l order. While the word, good, de ••• *t .xpres. a gen.ri. or speoiti. n.ture, it does .ignif7 a p.rteotion that i. capable, a. we ha~ seen, ot exi.ting .ccording to es •• nti.lly kind. ot being. Beo.u.e the ooncept, good, i. formally independ.nt of any partioul.r aode ot ezisten.e, 1t oan be all beings, whether th ••• b. tinite or intinite. 1'hestone, the plant, the ani_l, man and God,--all _y be D.Ul8d good but in a non-univoo.l ..,..11 !h.t is, the goodness ot ot the.e beings varies as do the e ••• nce and manner ot proper to .aeh,··th. degree to which .aoh ettect i •• stailitude ot the DiTin. Agent. !he common pr.dio.tion ot goodn... to e.s.nti.ll,. I llSt. !boma., Summa !heologioa, I a, q. lS, art. 6, cor.l Ood i. aore di.tant from creaturel than any oreature. are trom e.Oh oth.r. But the di.tanoe ot soae ore.tur.s mak •• any univocal predioation ot th .. iapoldble, •• in the oa.e ot those things which are not in the lame genu.. !h.retor., much l •• s can anything be pr.dicat.d univoc.lly ot God and or •• tur ••••••

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