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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

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likene •• they were made. 33 .' 35 . ..; Lest the Talidity ot the.e conclu.ions be que.tioned on ground. ot their being autually contradictory, the seTeral objections that might be raised concer.Din~ them will b. brietly oonsidered and, it i. hop.d, .atiatactorily answered. God, we have said, 18 absolutely .1apl. and supremel,. one. We haTe denied that the potentiality of _terial and composite beings can be predieated ot God. We haTe .. d. Tarious positiTe predications ot God and haTe stress.d the tormal s.ns. in Whioh the.e attributions are to be tak.n. Haye we, it ..,. be asked, by our predication ot a plurality ot attribute. implioitl,. denied the simplicity ot God? Can goodness, intellig.nee, will and other name. be attributed ot an absolutel,. simple Bein, without cOJllpromiaing HiB .implicity, unle .. the predication be not toral, A- 33 St. !hama., Summa !beologica, I a, q. 13, art. 2, cor.t ! name. signify the divine .ub.tance and are predicated substantiall,. ot God, although they fall short of a full representation ot Him. • •• Now .inoe our intell.ct mows God from oreatures, it mOW'l Hia a. tar as creature. represent Him. Now it was .hown aboT. (q. 4, art. 2) that God pr.po.' ••••• in Himselt all the perfections or oreature., being Ht.8elt .impl,. and universall,. pertect. Hence eTer,- creature represent. Him, and i. like Hia .0 tar as it possesses .oae pertection; yet it ~epre.ents-Hi. not a •• omething of the same speoies or genus, but as the excelling prinCiple of whose torm the effects tall short, although the,. derive some kind of likeness thereto ••••!herefore the aforesaid names [ e.g., lite, goodness] aignify the diTine substance, but in an imperfect -.rmer. even as creatures represent it impertectly. I

.' but 'rirtual t But It the predicatlon 11 virtual only, can _ be lald to name God tro. Hi. ett.ct.? 16, it -1' be alked, how. linee God il One, can knowledge ot the many enable UI to n&llle the .ttribute. ot the, One. It the various name. predicated ot God are .,.on)'llll. between which there 11 but. verMl d1ltinction. then the unity ot God would .ee. to be •• teguarded. It. however, the •• various predication. are to be uajer.tood .1 having. re.l to\1Jldation in God •• re we not pr.dicating real aultipUcit,. ct Hiat !baai.tic philolophy .olv•• these appareatl,. irr.concilable 4itticul tie. without denying .i ther the unit,. and .illpl1ci t,. ot God or the tormal •• n •• in which the pure pert.ction. ot ore.tur.s are predicat.d ot Hia. !b. way in which th1l .olution il .ttect.d will b. bri.tly .xplain.d. Sinoe God is the First CaUl.. the Divin. Creator, it tollows that cre.ted b.ingl ot whatever kind they -1' be receh .. their exilteace troa ,.. God. 14 But they are tinite. 10 tinite being can contain the tulla ••• ot Divin. pert.ction. It it did, it would not b. tinit. but intinite being. it would be God. In c.-unicating gooa ••• or or any oth.r pert.ction th.t il in Hia intrinlic.ll,. or tormall,. God cauI.I that I which .xiatl in H1 ••••• nti.U,.. (ther.tore. 11.!Ipll and _1 tedly), to exiat in the p.rtieipated being ot Hi. .tt.ct. according to mode 14 St. !ho .... Coat. Gent •• II, ch.p. XY, p. 19 • ••• !h.r.tore. tro.H1i 11 ev.rything that, in any way whatev.r, i •••••

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