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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

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41 of human intelligence that a plurality of names is predicated of 3Od. 45 . .. 47 In either case it becomes evident that names of God are many. firBt, because created perfectionB are many; the multiplicity and variety of creatures is, as it were. God's way of ftcompensatingft for the inability of the finite perfeotly to reproduce the Infinite. Second, names of God are many because the finite intellect can acquire knowledge of the Infinite only according to ~~~ being; its very.nature requires it to employ many concepts. It is by reasoning from the manifold perfections of finite beings that man i. led to conolude that in their First Cause, perfections that appear in creatures as many and diversified. necessarily exist as one. His names are many, but God is One. We have seen that man is indebted to the oreature for the positive attributions that ~atural reason can make of God. From the perfeotions of Hi. effect., whether they are the perfeotions of an amoeba or of a Rooky Mountain system, of a stone or of man,--from these perfections we name the perfection of God. It is the finite, manifold and diversified 45St• Thomas" Sentences. d. 2, q. 1, a. 3, as quoted by Ge.rrigou­ Lagrange • ...2,£. ~. Vol. II, p. 6. footnote 7: 1hat God exceeds the power of our intelleot is due, ~ ~ part !!.! ~ Himself. ~ the plenitude 2!.!!!! perfection, ~!!!2. ~ ~ part, ~ ~ feebleness 2!.~ intellect whioh tailB to oomprehend ~ ierfection. Hence it is evident that a plurality of these notions is not on y due to the nature of our intellect but also because of God Himself. in that Hi. perfection surpasses each concept of our intellect. 1herefore, ther~ i. something in the object which corresponds to the plurality of those notions, aB to what God iB. not indeed the plurality of the object, but a fullness of perfection, and hence it comes that about that these concepts are applied to it. I

• reproduotions of Infinite perfection manifested by creatures that make it possible for us to know, not only that God exists, not only that He has not the imperfections of composite or oreated beings, but that God is, 42 essentially, what His effects are by partio~pation; He is, intrinsioally, and, therefore, in a sovereign degree, What He has oaused His oreatures to be in an essentially limited way: Formaliter ominenter, God is good, true, intelligent and living, for, no perfeotion oan be wanting to Him Who is subsisting Being.46 46St• Thomas, Summa 7heologioa, I a, q. 4, art. 2, oor.: ••• Sinoe therefore God is subsisting being itself, nothing of the perfeotion of being oan be wanting to Him. Now all oreated perfeotions are inoluded in the perfection of being; for things are perfeot, precisely so far as they have being after some fashion. It follows therefore that the perfeotion of no one thing is wanting to God. Ibid. ad 3: .:::existence does not inolude life and wisdom, because that Whioh ~ partio1pates in existenoe need not partioipate in every mode of existenoe; nevertheless God's existenoe inoludes in itself life and wisdom, because nothing of the perfeotion of being oan be wanting to Him Who is subsisting being itself. I

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