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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina


saT, the uoeba, that we mean, nor that ot the Rooky Mountai ••, nctr that iapl1.d in the nature ot anT created .ssenee. It is the perfection, being, per ~, that i. attributed to God; the manner or mod. ot it. oreated torm i8 deni.d ot Bba. Analogieal predioation. expre.. perteotion. oommon to . ..... .any but p088e.sed bT the .anT in widel7 ditter.nt wayslfo one will d.n7 that the stone 18 poaae .. ed ot being. Being -1' also be predicated ot the ooeba though no one wil\. deny that U.,.ing being is higher in torm that inorganio MaD, too, :may be called a being, but he outrank8 the amoeba bT all the difterenoe betwee. a unicellular organi .. and a rational being. Man i8 intinitely les8 than the Supreme Being to WhOJll he owes the excellence of his huaan nature. De8pi te the n.t ditference between the Tar10U8 kinds ot being referred to, eaoh i8 entitled to the name, being. S What 18 1t that make. possible this cOllmon predioation ot a tera to thing ••••• ntiallT unlik.? In other words, what i. the basis ot analogioal predioation? Between the e88ential17 Taried kind8 ot being indicated abo.,.e, there .... , i8 some resemblance, .ome 8bailarity in the midst ot ditterence that en- ables us to predicate the .... term, analogicall7, ot all. It is ot thing. I I St. !bo.a8, Sumaa !heologica, I a, q. 11, art. 6, ad 1 u.s ••• all uni.,.ocal predications are r.duced to one tirst non-uni.,.ocal analogical predication, which i8 being_

41 that at onc. resemble and diff.r troa .ach oth.r that &DAlogioal predication can be _de.4: It 11 by predication of tb1l kind that we attain to. knowledge, t.perf.ct but tru., of the tormal attributes ot God. ... Being 11 detined as that whose aot is exi.tence. We .aid that the . • xistenoe ot objeots who.e being iapli.d beooming, proTed that there .xist. a Being in WhOIl there 11 only pure act. In going trom being. to Being we have iapl1ed eveJ7 eSSeDce, real or p08sible, troa the lowest to the Suprem. Being upon Who •• aot the exi.teno. ot each tinite objeot dep.nds. ADd we haT. oall.d .ach by the analogous t.rm, being. 1b,., the mountain, the man, and God, .aoh ha. the kind ot, liaited or unlimited, that i. prop.r to its .ss.noe. In eaoh partioular kind ot being is a relation ot •••• no. to existenoe, or, in tinite thing., that ot pot.ncy to aot, that i. intrinsio to it. 1'here are two way. in whioh analogy _yari•• in oonneotion with this r.lation. W. _y .peak ot two obj.ots es •• ntially unlike .aoh oth.r, •• g., the BOuntain and man. !be relation ot •••• nce to .xi8tence that d.termines one to the nature ot a mountain is .imilar to the r.lation 4: . St. 1'homa., Summa !b.ologioa, I a, q. 4:, art. 3, ad 1 uac •••• the .... thIng. can be like and unlike to God I lik., acoording as th.y ta"li&t'i1ilii, a. tara. Ji. 71iii'0 1'i not p.rT-cW 1iTiabl., can be !iitat.d. unUt.aoooriiif"altii8y Tari.hort of oau •• , not ;;relY In intensi't7 and remi.sion,7:'.but beoau •• theyar. not iii agreement, .p.­ oifically or gen.rically. Karitainl . Degree. of bOW1.df§' tranalat.d by Bernard Wall, Ifew York, Charle. Soribn.r'. Son" J;W York, 938, p. 281. 1h. Divi ....... 0., oon.ti toted as an objeot tor u., not in i t.elt , but by the objectivation ot creat ••• ubjeots (oonsidered in their p.rf.otion. ot a tran.oend.ntal ord.r), is attain.d and known in. things which at onoe res.abl. and infinitely ditf.r trom 110. I

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