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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

50 man. 1Ih~ is

50 man. 1Ih~ is the aulogoua t.J'IIl, mowledge, appU.d to the ••• ueJftially waya ot knowing' Beoause there i •• proportional relation .xisting b •• en a.nsation. hwnan intelleotion and DiTin. intell.ction. Becau •• . - seneatioD ia related to the .ensibl. a. intellection i. related to the in- telUgible, W8 reter to eensation and to intellection. human and dirlne. aa knowl.dg.. !he r.lation ot aeusatioD to the aensible is So too. i. the relation ot intelleotion to the intel11gible. Between these two intrinsic relatione there ia a contor.aity or proportional unity, (implied in the word ~a.ft)f knowledge. 7 that torma the toundation ot the oommon predication ot Seneation a. intelleotion the aensibl. the intelligible : knowledge !he analogical predioation ot being re.ts upon the .... proportional 7St• !, De Terltat., q. 2, art. 11 (quoted by Lagrange: God, His Existenoe .!!!!!!!!. Bature, Vol. II, p. 216)1 - - Heno. it lIlUst be said that the word 'knowl.dge', 18 predioated ot aoerta knowledge and ours, not altogether uniTocally, nor purel1 .quiTooally, but analogicallYJ thi. is ~e same as aaying that it ie predicated proportionally_ ContoJ'lllitI accordins ~ proportion oan be twotold ••• there may be contoJ'lllity betw.n two teras not proportlonate""'iO .ach other, but whioh are proportional, aa betW8en Sed 4, tor 6 18 teS""-4 is to r.-... between oreaar •• ad lOd there is ~ !. liailarity !! proportions .2!:.! proportiont!te~iauch aa existl \et;9 .. our intellIgence and the sense ot sight: the igenee is to the intelligible being what sight is to color, and this s~l.ri ty ot proportions can be .xpressed by the word 'mon'. [ Or] •••• beoause as sense perception is in the .ye, 10 intelleotual per'.ption in the Iliad.... there i, DO qu.stion ot a deterainate relation betn .. tho.e thing. whioh haTe aouthing in common analogioall7, ud there tor. aocording to that .od. [ &1'1&logy ot proportionaU ty J there is no reaSOD wh1 a name .hould net be pr.dioated &1'1&10gioal17 ot God and ot the creature. But atill thil happens in two wa1at (metaphorioally and prop.rly •••• And properly tor tho.. thinga) which include nothing d.tectiTe in their detini tieD, and which do Dot depend upon matter tor their existenoe, .!!!!.!!. beinS. goodne .. and other. ot this kind. I

61 unity. !be .tone is related to its existence aa the plant to it. '\xi.tenoe and as man is related to hil existence. Eaoh exista, but in an essentially ditterent manner. each is being, but the degrees ot pertection proper to eaoh vary al do their esaenoes. . ..... !be exilting .tone il not like the exilt- ing plant or ani_l. It 11 not, then, their e •• enoe. that _ke the. limilar; on the contrary, they oonstitute the basi. ot their ditterenoe. And while .... _y say that eaoh exist., the manner .ot existence is in eaoh oale determined by the essenoe. What is co_on to all, what torma the bads ot the common predication ot being is the proportional unity tound in the relation present in each, between itl e •• ence and it. existence. III eTer;y· thing that is, thia intrinsio relation between eSS«Dce and existence i. prelent. It 1. the relation in each, between ellenoe and extstenoe, between the creature and ita being, between the DiTine Agent and Bi. being, that _bs the oreature Utd the Creator proportionally!!!; it 1a this proportional unity that renders po •• ible the co .. on predication ot being, ot ,... goodne .. l, ot truth, to oreated being as .... knoW' it and to the Dinne Agent Who oaused it to be what it is. !be conoept ot oau.e is itselt analogioal. God is pur. aot; a. is I that Being Whoa. aot is eternal existenoe. !he oreature haa only partieipated, not e.aential existenoe. !h. oreature _y allo aot in the capaoity ot oause, but, because it i. oontingent being, ita oausality, like ita being, ia participated; that is, the creature is always dependent, in the exeroise ct its oausality, upon the Pirat Cause. Or, .... _y say that be· oaule God is Pare Being Be ia the First Cauae; His oausality, rooted in

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