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Natural Knowledge of God in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquina

62 the

62 the Tery natuH ot Hia infinite Being, is the oausality ot First .Aet. But ereatur.l, .tfeots ot God's oausal aotion, ean exeroise a degree ot oau.ali ty that 11 tixed and detel"llined by the form ot being prop.r to tJuna. naeirs is the oaulality ot s.oond aot, depend.nt in eT.rr a.peot of the operation . ot that oau.ality upon theoonourreno. ot tke~First Cause. A creature may ex.roise oausality in 10 tar a8 it il1 8 oausal aotivity is not something added to being, it is .erely one aspect ot ~ aotuality ot being, it is one ot the aanit01d ways in whioh being resemble8 Being, not only as but a. being a cau.e, a8 the eau8a1ity proper to it as a .peoitio kind ot being. 9 In the oOJaoa attribution ot oau8ality to oreated and to unoreated 8 St. naoma., Contra Gent., II, ehap xxi, pp. 32 at 33. Whaw .... r is oau.ed wrtIi re.peot to so_ partioular nature, oalmot be the tir.t oau •• ot that nature, but only a •• oond ••• oau ••••• 1Iow eT.ry .ubstano. oth.r than God hal oau.ed by another •••• Wher.tor. it i. illpo •• ibl. tor it te be a oau.e ot otherwi.e than ••• a. aoting bf T1r~ ot another. Ibid •• p. 3'. 81noe eT8ry agent aet. i •• 0 tar a. it i. aetual, it tollows that the .ode ot aotion must tollow the mode ot a thing" aotuality •••• COn •• qu.ntly anything whose aotuality i. detel"llia.d to, .peoie., and aooident, mult haTe a power determined to ettecta like the agent a. .uGh•• ino. eTer" agent produo •• ita lik •• I 9St. !ho ... , Contra Gent., III, Pt. 1, chap. lxx, p. lT4, ••• wheretor. it wa.lfi'i will to ooDaWlioate lI18 11kea ••• to thillg. aot oaly in the poillt beia, but allO in the poillt ot their beinl* oau ••• ot other thillglt tor it 11 in the8e two "71 that all oreatur •• in eOlllaOn haTe the diTine lik.nell b •• tend on th ...... ot. Gil.oa. nae 8pirit 2! )(ediae.,.l Philosophy, ohap. T, on "Allalogy, Causa 11 ty and 'i. 11 tyli •

61 Seiag,lO the ba,i, ot the pr.dioation 18 the prepertienal 1mi ty by' which the r.latien et a ,.cen4 oau •• to. it. aotualit.J r •• embl •• the r.latio.n .t the Firat Caus. to His aetuality. fhe cr.atur. a. cau •• 18 pe ...... d. o.t an .ttioiency d.t.r..1n.d by it. term 0.1' p.rt~ctieD et being, God. a. cau •• i8 po •••••• d et an .ttioi.ncy flowing from Hi, term o.r pert.otien et Seing. !h. ditt.renc. b.twe.n the d.gre •• et cau.ality i. intinite, the r.lation et cau.ality to being is oOJllllOn to beth. Altqpugh the r.latieD is ind.teraillate, it. dailarity gi.e. it the prepertional lIDltz that .nabl.s u. to. predicate oaus., a. we predioate btug, et both God and the or.atur •• As .. pr.dioate being 0.1' oause et both God ad the oreatur., by "1.1- 0.'1 et prepertienalit.J, o.rtain other pr.dioate. t.pli.d in the concept of being or o.t cau •• oan',;alao be predioated ot both. Dle 1Dlity of God, the geo.dn... o.f God, and truth b. God. are related to Hia Being a. the \1111 'by , goedn ••• ad truth of the creature are to. its God 18 .i... E!l .n., the cr.atur. 11 cn. by r •• sen ot its oemposite 1mityJ ealegicallJ,.. God and the or.ature are ene. Sino.. God 18 pure Being, no p.rt.ction. are lacting to Bl.. !her.ter., B. i ••••• ntiallywhat H. hal oau •• d Hia .tt.ct. to be, by commaaioating to. them a d.gre. et partioipatien in Hi. actuality, I 10 8t. Dlema., Contra

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